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ARK: Survival Evolved now on Nintendo Switch!

All gameplay footage for this trailer and screenshots below were captured using the Nintendo Switch.

ARK: Survival Evolved is launching worldwide for Nintendo Switch™ today! Everyone here at Studio Wildcard is beyond excited to be officially welcoming Switch survivors to the tribe!

Get ready to tame dinosaurs, conquer enemies and create enormous structures anywhere – on the couch, in bed, on a bus or even at school. Stranded on a mysterious prehistoric island, you must explore its vast biomes as you begin to hunt, harvest, craft tools, grow crops and build shelters to survive. Use cunning and skill to kill, tame, breed, and even ride Dinosaurs and other primitive beasts living on The ARK. Advance your technology from primitive stone tools to T-Rex-mounted laser cannons, as you team up with hundreds of players online or enjoy a solo Jurassic experience.

Developed in conjunction with Abstraction Games, the handheld mode provides a fantastic new capability for survivors who want to immerse themselves in the vast worlds of ARK fully! ARK: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch includes the complete contents and features of the original game; from the massive and mysterious ARK island with many prehistoric and fantasy-inspired creatures. Hundreds of hours of exploring, crafting, survival and combat await players as they go it alone, or group up with thousands of other Survivors to explore the island and solve the mysteries of the ARK!

Nintendo Switch features include:

  • Free Exploration: Explore the entire ARK Island!
  • Capture and Tame Beasts: Over 80+ prehistoric and fantasy-inspired creatures and dinosaurs such as the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Direwolf, and Yeti.
  • Harvest, Hunt, and Build: Cut down trees and turn them into a basic biome, hunt for meat and scavenge for plants, or start your own garden. Quickly develop these survival skills, as hunger, thirst, basic safety, and protecting yourself from the elements are all part of the game!
  • Customization: The extensive ARK crafting system allows players to mix and match materials scavenged from around the island, while also modifying the colors, textures, shapes and styles.
  • Mystery of The ARK: Solve the mystery of The ARK as you wander around the massive island, discovering explorers’ notebooks and clues everywhere to piece together the puzzle!

ARK: Survival Evolved scheduled to show up on the Nintendo eShop at 12pm in your local time in the following regions:

  • Americas (US, Canada, Mexico)
  • Europe/Australia (Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Lithunaia, Norway, Russia, Spain, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovak Republic, Sweden, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany,  Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Netherlands, Romania, South Africa, United Kingdom)

Supported languages include: Japanese, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian. Simplified Chinese will be supported once the Day 1 Patch is applied.

We will also be looking at added support to the Asia region (which will include Hong Kong) in the near future.

The last of the Nintendo Switch official servers will go online at 10am PST. EU/AU servers are already online!

We are truly thrilled to have our Switch survivors with us and hope you enjoy The Island in all its mystery. Just remember, you don’t have to outrun that T-rex, you just have to outrun your next slowest tribe mate. ;)

Keep on surviving!

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