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New Conquest Servers Coming On November 17th!

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our recently released Conquest Servers, we have decided to release a new Conquest Cluster this weekend for PC! There will be 42 new game instances that breakdown as follows:

  • 10 for Extinction
  • 10 for Aberration
  • 10 for Ragnarok
  • 4 for Scorched Earth
  • 4 for The Center
  • 4 for The Island

Transfer Ruleset:

– These servers will be fully open to transfer between each other.
– Extinction and Aberration servers are character transfer in only and items can only be transferred out (standard ruleset for these maps).


  • 3x for 25 days after launch and then 2x going forward

After 25 days, the new cluster will merge with the already existing cluster at which point rates will be reduced from 3x to 2x and transfers will be enabled. We can’t wait to bring you more of this great gameplay mode!

Be sure to read our previous post for details on Conquest servers.

Conquest Servers Are Open!

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