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Update on Conquest Servers

The ARK Conquest servers (on PC) are a special initiative by our partner Snail Games to shake up the current PvP meta and playstyle. Now that these Conquest servers are up and running, we will be handing control of these servers over to them.

Effective immediately, the Conquest servers will be wholly operated by Snail Games and any future changes will be made by them. As part of this hand off, their team will be completely responsible for enforcement of the Code of Conduct, including the management of a unique global ban list separate from the main Official Network. Enforcement for the Conquest servers will be driven through the Conquest Discord and future updates and news will be found here.

In addition, we will be adding 9 new servers to the Conquest cluster this week. These new servers will have transfers disabled for two weeks and increased rates (3x) during that time. After the two-week introductory period, server transfers will be enabled and the rates will be reduced to match the rest of the cluster (2x). This is to help tribes build up quickly in order to be at a competitive level against other players on Conquest servers.

We thank you for your patience during this transition period!


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