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Community Crunch #129: New Servers, Upcoming Stream, & Wildcard Workshop!

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch! :Jerbhi:

Upcoming New Servers!

Speciality Servers:

Speciality servers are alternate game modes for ARK that last for a short period of time. Each new theme will bring on a new set of challenges different from that of servers currently available. However, these seasonal servers will wipe and change theme after a determined period of time.

We’re looking for input from you today. We’ve set up a thread and we’d appreciate if you could drop your suggestions into the separate thread below. Changes will revolve around edits that can be made to the existing config. These types of changes can include many things like: tribe/alliance size, anything related to dino stats and taming, server rates, etc.


Fresh Servers:

Tomorrow May 1st at approximately 10 am PST we will be launching a new set of servers on PC. These Fresh servers have downloads disabled but uploads enabled for a period of 60 days. After 60 days transfers will open and they will no longer be called Fresh servers. Players are invited to play and build up on these servers without the threat of existing alpha tribes.



Community Livestreams!

Beginning on May 10th and continuing every other week on Thursdays, the community team will be doing biweekly livestreams!

During these livestreams we will have Zen Rowe, Chris, and Jen bringing ARK news, celebrating modding, and the community as a whole every other week. We’ll be playing ARK, showing off mods, and showing off your community creations for all to see. Survivors are invited to join us in the chat (and sometimes even in-game) to play and talk with the community team and other developers.

At this time we’re going to begin gathering up your community creations to be displayed on stream. We are accepting any type of ARK related fanart. This can be drawings, videos, builds, ANSEL screenshots, handmade crafts, anything ARK related!

We will no longer be running Community Crunch contests here on the forums. The Community Crunch will transition into being our weekly news post, while the biweekly streams will become our new Community celebration initiative. We will instead be running contests on the livestreams, with a chance to win something special if your submission is the best of the bunch.

You can submit your ARKwork to our streaming email address: [email protected]

Be sure to follow us on our Twitch page so you don’t miss a stream! twitch.tv/survivetheark

Wildcard Workshop & Mod Tutorial Contest Update!

Good day to you all! Zen Rowe here. I have a new Wildcard Workshop video for you today; we revisit replication with some practical examples. Make sure to check out the download link in the post for the project files.


The 5th Mod Tutorial Contest is now open! This time we’re going to do a freestyle contest, meaning it’s the perfect opportunity to put together a tutorial for any of those concepts that you kept telling yourself you would.

Today is also the last day for submissions for the 4th Mod Tutorial Contest, so make sure that you don’t forget to submit those before the end of the day.


ARK: Evolution Event!

Our next Evolution Event will take place from the 11th of May at 1 PM EST until Monday the 14th at 3 PM EST.

That’s it for this post guys!

All the best,
Studio Wildcard



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