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ARK Digest #39!

Hello Survivors,

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Nerd Out!

So you guys may remember our friends over at Nerd Out, who made that awesome Evolve song right? Well, they’re back again with another cool track. Check it out!

ARK Survival Of The Fittest Song | “Fit For Survival” | #NerdOut! by Nerd Out!

and if for some reason you haven’t heard Evolve yet.. well, let’s sort that out right now.

ARK Digest!

Here is our question and answer session with Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved, and Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard: Jeremy “Drake” Stieglitz!

Survivor, GamerPerfection asks, “Would you be able to put a setting in, maybe in the INI, so that I can disable the flee mechanic completely for tamed dinos? So that I can have “fight to the death” scenarios?”


Ah yes I’ll go ahead and make it a per-Dino setting to force that Tamed Dino never to flee. How cruel!

FlyingJapman4 had some Primal Survival based questions…

Survivor, FlyingJapman4 asks, “Will there be a commo-rose for each creature species, and will the AI react to those vocalization? For example, if a Rex player were to roar at a smaller species of carnivore who was wandering around a nesting spot, would the AI run away or continue to disregard the Rex until the player chose to attack as they do now? Would there be mating calls, “pack order” calls, etc?”


Yep, vocalized calls will be a method of communicating/ordering in Primal Survival.

Survivor, FlyingJapman4 also asks, “Since humans are required to drink water, will there be a “drinking” action similar to a “feeding” action for creatures? Or will drinking not be a thing in Primal Survival?”


Drinking will indeed be a new mechanic for most creatures in Primal Survival, as will temperature.

Survivor, FlyingJapman4 also asks, “Will there be breeding for the currently non-breedable species when this game mode launches, or will that be added later on? On top of that, will there be a change to the breeding mechanics for Player-AI breeding? Currently, AI creatures (tamed) have to be set to Wander while being boxed in with each other, and then both parents can just disregard the egg/baby entirely after mating while the human player takes care of it.”


Not all creatures will have breeding at launch of Primal Survival, but all playable creatures will have Taming. Mating and Taming (recruiting) will have different mechanics in Primal Survival, vs Survival Evolved.

Survivor, FlyingJapman4 also asks, “Will all currently added creatures (up to the Titanosaur or Allosaur when it is added) be playable, or will they come out in tweeks and updates to the game mode?”


It’ll start with a limited set of playable creatures (about 15-20 or so), but modders will be able to add more, and then over time we’ll add more as well.

Survivor, MiniMonyx asks, “Any chance we can get an upgrade to the grapple in the tek tier, either a grapple with durability instead of a one time use or a wearable gears similar to the “Attack on Titan” ODM gear?”


I don’t have a Tek Grapple planned for the Official content, but with the Tek Jetpacks, you probably won’t need one…

Survivor, Falitian asks, “Despite the performance issues, any chance of getting VR Support for the HTC Vive, or at the least enable it as launchable through Steam VR so we can at least start testing/optimizing our rigs?”


The first step is relaunching the Oculus VR support which should be happening this week, and after that I’ll be taking a look at what we can do with the Vive!

Survivor, MiniMonyx also asks, “Can Blueprints for items such as “Water Jars” and “Medium Crop plots” and structures such as “Metal Sign” and “Metal Wall” have some kind of discount so that its worth keeping those blueprints around”


Well, the advantage to a Blueprint is that you don’t need to learn the Engram, saving you EP ;)

Survivor, maze asks, “Could we (again on Xbox) get an option to see ‘extended HUD info’ quickly? By just holding LB, maybe?”


Yep, this will be added in the next Xbox Update.

Survivor, Adamsmasher asks, “Could the tracking system’s ping timer be extended? It shows only for a few seconds and, due to the names all being horizontal, it can be difficult to see the name you’re seeking. However, if it was extended and/or a dot was added to our map then at least we could get a better idea where they were in relation to our position, even briefly.”


Will go ahead and triple that ping timer.

Survivor, Creotor asks, “Please consider adding an autodestroy function & timers for tamed dinos and player bodies, like the one for structures. It would help a great deal with admin’ing.”


Indeed I’ll do so.

Survivor, tomb asks, “Anything you can reveal about the upcoming Lycanthropy, Vampirism, and Zombietis that is coming to the halloween event? Will we be able to turn into wolfs during the fullmoon? Or is it more of the dodos turning into weredodos?”


It’s player-transforming. It’s going to be a heck of an event-week to remember (and will be available as a Mod thereafter).

Survivor, tomb also asks, “How is the “only target wild” turret mode coming along?”


Aha, it’s added in v245.93 now, though requires a server-update; we’ll get our servers upgraded to that soon :)

Survivor, xKingPheonix asks, “Will every or at least most creatures have an alpha variant?”


The major carnivores will!

Survivor, Jtmorris asks ,”With the upcoming ability to host Xbox servers on PC, would that in theory make it possible to untether players in split screen?”


Alas, console splitscreen players will need to remain tethered due to console memory limits. The main benefit of PC hosting for Xbox servers is: not requiring a premium Xbox Live account or separate Xbox to host, more control over game settings, higher performance for up to 100 players, and options for certain server-side mods.

Survivor, OrbitalPredator asks, “Will there be any sort of implementation for size variations with regular dinosaurs, much like the different sizes Coelacanth and Saber-toothed Salmon”


It will likely be done for all non-rideable creatures, but not ride-ables since we can’t dynamically scale the saddle to still fit the rider.

Survivor, Vargen Saphia asks, “Could you please make so that if tribe owner is inactive for 30 days, the tribe ownership gets passed down to the most active admin or player in the tribe? I’ve been wanting so join other players tribe, merge tribes and change tribe name for a long time now, but since I am not the owner I cannot change the ownership of structures or dinos to personally owned, even though I am admin of the tribe.”


I’ll make it an option for a Tribe Rank group to have full ownership access, so that that least the Tribe can alternatively have another Owner to manage it.

Survivor, Martellus asks, “Vehicles and Bionics, is it still a debate/dialog at Wildcard?”


Bionic Implants of sorts will be happening with the Tek Tier. Vehicles are an ongoing debate.

Survivor, nscheffel asks, “Behemoth gates currently open inwards if you trigger the left door, and outwards if you trigger the right door. Can you make that a selectable option? In/out (current functionality), always inwards, and always outwards would be 3 extremely useful settings for all doors. “


Sure, why not ;)

Survivor, Irk asks, “We currently only have tranq/stone/metal arrows, but would it be possible to use leeches to make poison arrows?”


That’s certainly an interesting idea to give leech blood more uses, will consider it.

Survivor, Nightkill101 asks, “With the Allosaurus out now with its pack tactics. Will the same thing be added to the dire wolves sometime soon?”


Yep, it will be quite soon now!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team!

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