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ARK Digest #37!

ARK Digest!

Here is our question and answer session with Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved, and Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard: Jeremy “Drake” Stieglitz!

Survivor, n_scheffel asks, “In the last digest you mentioned the new industrial grinder would be similar to the industrial grinder mod detailed on steam. That grinder is an industrial version of the mortar and pestle, and it also does things like convert wood into thatch. We already have the chemistry bench acting as an upgraded mortar and pestle, so how is the industrial grinder going to fit in between without making the chemistry bench pointless?”


It’ll support other kinds of mass-resource conversions!

Survivor, fitzsteve asks, “Hi, would be great to have an update on VR support, when you will be supporting the latest Oculus drivers?”


We’ll go ahead and try to update the support for them for the upcoming v245 patch!

Survivor, HarbingersCat asks, “Any chance of Titanosaur eggs being added in the future?”


Probably best left to a Mod focused around Titanosaurus breeding.

Survivor, n_scheffel asks, “How about an “undo” feature for placed items with a timer of approximately 30 seconds? For example, you place a behemoth gateway you just spent 1500 metal, 350 cp and 100 polymer making, only to realize one pillar is hovering off the ground by 3′. It would be nice to quickly pick up the item rather than demolishing it and wasting 1/2 of the resources.”


That’s a good simple idea, I’ll give a quick implementation and see if the QA team can find any flaws/side-effects or exploits that it opens up.

Survivor, AERHAE asks, “When will we see difficulty level 5 on the island map?”


When Tek tier releases :)

Survivor, FlyinJapman4 asks, “In regards to Primal Survival, Will we be able to customize our creatures similar to how we customize our human characters, such as height, limb size, skin/fur/scale color, etc?”


Yep, you will!

Survivor, FlyinJapman 4 also asks, “At what Maturity level would a player character be spawned into when they start a game, and how would they  be able to survive if they start at newborn/hatchling since raising them as a human is already time consuming?”


Presuming that you’re referring to Primal Survival, in the Official Server configuration, you’ll spawn in as a newborn, BUT you will be able to attack/harvest. Just very, very weakly. It’s challenging ;) Unofficial Servers will be able to specify the age they want new player-creatures to initially be created at.

Survivor, FlyinJapman 4 also asks, “How are the super dinos like the Giga and Titanosaur going to be balanced on PVP servers? Will there be admin options to restrict on what and how many of a species are allowed in that session?”


Yes, servers will be able to configure what creatures are available to choose from, and how many can be chosen within a length of time (for example, the server can specify “1 additional LIVE Titanosaurus can be added every month”, and if it is killed, then it immediately frees up another Titanosaurus slot).

Survivor, HarbringersCat asks, “Will it later be possible to chance upon wild versions of advanced crops, so that you can begin making dino kibble without needing to rely entirely on farm plots?”


We don’t plan to add crops into the wild, but with an upcoming plant diversification, there will be some new plant resources to acquire.

Survivor, tomb asks, “Is there any chance we can get a server setting for only displaying the name tags / ownership tags of our tribe and allies? This would help RP servers a lot by giving the admins a chance to hide meta information. This would prevent for example being identified when you are wearing a mask. Or when you are hiding somewhere and they use a spyglass. You would also not know who owns a house unless they put up a sign!”


Sure, that’s pretty straightforward. We’ll get on it v245.

Survivor, Wulfsige85 asks, “can have an option to place armor on the Training Dummy, that we can see how much damage each tier of armor can take from players/Dino’s. Also we need a Dino/Boss dummy.”


Agreed those will be cool, but they’ll require a bit of rewriting of the training dummy to make it wear armor. I will make it happen one weekend though, as soon as I get a bit of time ;)

Survivor, RedStorm8616 asks, “Also, you explained that if you don’t stimulate Troodons, they’ll eventually betray you, but if you raise one from birth, say imprint it 100%, would it lose this traitorous nature?”


Imprinted Troodon will never betray you!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team!


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