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ARK Digest #36!

ARK Digest Q&A!

Here is our question and answer session with Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved, and Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard: Jeremy “Drake” Stieglitz!

Survivor, Deaner, asks, “With the Allosaurus on the way, two of it’s abilities the alpha pack leader and the bleed effect are big things for it. Are we going to see both of those things added with the Allosaurus and possibly see the alpha pack boost for the Dire Wolves and the bleed effect for the Megaleceros at the same time?


Indeed shortly after the introduction of the Allosaurus with its “Alpha-pack” system, the Direwolf will get a similar implementation and the Bleed-effect implementation of the Megaloceros will also be modified to be comparable to the Allosaurus’.

Survivor, Zadira, asks, “In a previous digest, changes to pillars and other building structures were talked about that would help the problems that we have in pve.  Is there an update for the status of those changes?”


On official servers, you can no longer build in what we consider to be “resource-critical” areas (any server can enable this via commandline “?EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=true”). That’s the first part of the system. The second part is to make the time of structure decay itself scaled dynamically on how many allied structures are nearby (representing the concept of a “base”), which I’ll hopefully roll out in the next major update if goes well.

Survivor, Emanuel1721, asks, “Hey, can you guys make that “Demolish Allowed” structures automatically destroys themselves after 1-2 weeks of not being demolished, because there’s a LOT of abandoned bases that demolishing would take hours, and they just stay there causing lag and blocking spawns (especially on the Xbox official servers).”


I’ll add a server option to specify the length of time for auto demolish to occur after manual demolish, and yeah I’ll probably go ahead and enable that on our PvE servers with a value of about two weeks from the time of manual demolish.

Survivor, N_scheffel, asks, “I currently have to type in “r.bloomquality 0” and “r.lightshafts 0″ every time I log in to avoid being blinded by light sources reflecting off most objects in the game (especially metal). Can that option be added to the current persistent graphics settings?”


Yes, I’ll get that added in PC’s next Major update.

Survivor, Nahz, asks, “Are there any plans to make regular and prime fish meat better taming options for creatures that we already have in the game? Meat taming sea creatures has become a challenge now that megalodons drop prime fish meat instead of prime meat.”


Indeed soon I’ll be making Fish Meat better for taming certain creatures.

Survivor, Assassindude27, asks, “Is the “Industrial Grinder” the same thing as the mod?” (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=534838287) 


It’s similar!

Survivor, Tomtoyer, asks, “We will see in a future physical differences between females and males creatures?”


Not from us, but they -are- different character classes, so a mod is welcome to do that.

Survivor, Aztec, asks, “Can you make it so that we can choose to craft items by multiples of ten instead of one at a time or the maximum number we can make, it gets annoying to click 20 times so i can make 20 narcotics or some other item id prefer if you only had to click twice.”


Yeah, I’ll have Shift-clicking on the Craft button perform 10x Crafting in the next Major update, and I’ll have a similar modifier implemented on Xbox.

Survivor, Ruenan, asks, “Hi I play ark on PC and Xbox one and was wondering if its possible, can we get all the sliders like the Xbox one version has for the server options in the hosting non dedicated and single player for the PC version? Plant growth speed, Spoil Time, all the Intervals etc.” and Survivor, Reubatina11, asks, “Is it possible that other options, such as breeding timers, egg incubation, baby maturation etc will be added as sliders to the Single Player startup screen? I’m playing on a Mac, and I’m struggling to access the INI. In addition, could we get options like cave flyers, Titan feeding etc added as checkboxes?”


Yes I’ll have the Xbox’s Host Options UI changes merged back onto the PC version later this summer.

Survivor, Reubatina11, asks, “Will the Titanosaur ever be breedable? Could this maybe be a server option for unofficial PvE servers?”


I think a mod is probably the best solution for that, and I’ve little doubt you’ll start seeing that next week as the Devkit finally gets updated this weekend.

Survivor, Cleetuss, asks, “What other forms of illnesses do you have in mind? Will dinosaurs be getting them as well? Terrible as it seems, a herbivore with rabies sounds funny.”


Rabies — which would cause your own creatures to randomly turn aggressive on you — and progressive Leprosy are two that I’m currently considering, among others!

Survivor, Klaahn, asks, “Is Xbox ever getting the MaxStructurePlatformMultiplier option for servers? It’s the one that always for more structures to be built on Platform Saddles and Rafts.”


Yep, I’ll get that exposed to the UI.

Survivor, RedStorm8616, asks, “Is there any way you could add in an Alpha Direbear? I ask this not for the variation in Alphas (which would be nice) but for the Bear Skin Rug that would be inside it’s inventory — similar to the Rex Trophy inside an Alpha Rex?”


I plan to do an ‘Alpha’ Dino pass on various of the new creatures a little later this year, including the Dire Bear.

Survivor, Silvyss, asks, “Can we get a button for toggling snap points on xbox I know y switches walls and doors but I’d like a button to toggle all available snap points.”


Yes, a key/button cycling between available snap points will be added to both Xbox and PC soon — in the case of PC, it’ll be done in the next “Major” update, and shortly thereafter for Xbox.

Survivor, Kody.Gloval, asks, “One of the biggest issues with building is the clipping. Is it possible to put something in an .ini file to disable clipping for a private server?”


Sure, in the next Major PC update I’ll add a server option to disable that, though for performance and trolling reasons I wouldn’t recommend it unless you trust your server’s players not to exploit or are RP-ing (i.e. players sticking structures under the terrain, etc).

Survivor, Drklotus69, asks, “I see the phrase “that will come with tek tier” or some variation of that all the time in the answers portion of this segment. Is there any sort of rough ETA we can get for when tek tier will actually arrive in game?”


This Fall we welcome you to the future!

Much love,
Wildcard Jen and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team!


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