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ARK Digest #33!

ARK Digest Q&A!

Here is our question and answer session with Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved, and Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard: Jeremy “Drake” Stieglitz!y

Survivor, Mystalias asks, “Can the training dummy show torpor damage done?”


It’s a little tricky due to how Torpor is setup to act upon characters, but I’ll get around to making it work.

Survivor, Dinopants asks, “For those of us who enjoy cave spelunking with our birds on single player, can we get a way to enable the ForceAllowCaveFlyers=True setting in the ini file?”


Yep I’ll go ahead and get it switched to an INI option so that it’s easier to access — note that you can for now launch your EXE for singleplayer with -ForceAllowCaveFlyers even if you’re not hosting a “dedicated” server ;)

Survivor, Dinopants asks, “Will the current tribe logs get updated to show more detailed information? Such as the tribe name of a dino that killed you?”


Yes, that, as well as enemy Structure destructions.

Survivor, Volk asks, “Any plans for more advanced underwater weapons beyond the crossbow such as harpoon etc?”


Does the Fishing Pole count? Har har but seriously, one of the next underwater ‘weapons’ starts with T and ends with O. Can you guess it?!

Survivor, God787 asks, “Any chance of getting some settings for the homing water mines, kind of like the turret settings?”


Yeah I’ll go ahead and add the full spectrum of turret settings to ’em.

Survivor, Ruenan asks, “With the Titanosaur coming out the 22nd. Will its so called “mega poop” create double the fertilizer in the compost bin or a bunch in a dung beetle?”


Yes, Titanic Dino == Titanic Poop == Titanic Fertilizer. Darn, did I just insult James Cameron’s 1997 masterpiece? Didn’t mean to.

Survivor, TranqRex asks, “Are there more types of structure planned? I’ve seen some clay-style prototypes linked on Twitter but they were for Primitive+ I think. How about the main game in general? — obviously excluding the new tree-based stuff for Redwoods!”


Yes there’s another pre-Tek structure tier coming up, with some unique capabilities!

Survivor, TranqRex asks, “Could we get an ‘eat all’ button on XB1 (maybe for PC too it’d be useful)? When my health is low and I need to munch a stack of berries, repeatedly tapping the right trigger is only wearing out that trigger and tiring my finger!”


Yep, I’ll code that simple feature up soon!

Survivor, Tomtoyer asks, “How will works the Purlovia burrow’s system?? They will can make holes in the ground and go in?”


Pretty much, but only on soft grounds of course! Then they pop up and grab any enemy intruder that gets too close!

Survivor, Kenkillya asks, “Would you consider putting a cool down or limit on tribes changing their tribe name. On the server I’m playing on there are tribes that change their names several times a day.”


Sure, we’ll make a server option for that.

Survivor, Zanber asks, “Any chance we can get Dev Kit functionality to arrange primal data blueprints in groups, assign each item a point value within that group, and then impose a cap on how many points worth of structures/tames from each group a tribe may have placed/own.
I would really like to run a server that limits the amount of dinos tribes can get, with higher powered dinos costing more towards the cap. Or maybe a turret mod with multiple turret types, with stronger turrets costing more. Or limiting how many vaults & or storage boxes a tribe can have. I really think it would be great for people trying to create personalized server specific balance type mods.”


I intend to continue exposing a lot more power to dev kits, including overrides of structure allowance and tames, along with much more item control. So yup, this will be entirely possible very soon starting with the next DevKit update.

Survivor, Neizan asks, “About: Custom Tripwire Alarm Notifications, Is there any chance of a mobile application of survivetheark.com to receive notifications on my Android?”


We’ll maybe see if the DodoDex crew can help with that, so that we can stay focused on developing ARK itself ;)

Survivor, OnePotatoChip asks, “So we’ve got functional fire animation and damage in the game with the DodoRex and The Dragon. Does this mean we’ll being seeing fire based weaponry in the future? I know it was talked about before, but you all seemed sort of iffy about it.”


Yep, you will be getting a badass flamethrower, and very versatile flame arrows.

Survivor, Kaprodonychus asks, “Once Tapejara latches onto a tree or wall, can it move around on it as well as gain stamina?  Or does it stay in its place?”


It locks in place, but you can fire your weaponry when it’s in this state (unlike the Megalania).

Survivor, HarbringersCat asks, “Since Tapejara can land on cliff faces and such, could it also land on the sides of large dinos like brontos?”


Nah, that would be too painful for the large dino!

Survivor, Marksman00048 asks, “Would you consider the dyng of backpacks to aid in reclaiming your gear? Or just style points =p – I understand it’s supposed to be difficult but I am also color blind and this puts me in a bit of an irritating position.”


Dyeing your backpack and packages sounds like a fun idea. I’ll get around to making that happen in due time.

Survivor, Wolfpack22 asks, Since we’re getting gas mask soon will you be adding chemical weapons like mustard or chlorine gas, I would love to see a gas that cause debuffs to players that don’t have there mask on and that wild and tamed Dino’s find offensive to smell and cause them to leave the area for a time it would be great for fending off gigas from you base or area.



Survivor, BaconR8Colby asks, “Something that I would really love to see implemented in Ark is some kind of multi-world/map system for Local Hosting.  Similar to Minecraft.  When “The Center” was added this essentially gives 2 maps/world’s to play on which is great.  But it would be nice to have several Island maps or several Center maps.  That way if I wanted to pursue a variety of game styles or building locations the option would be there without messing up my main map/world.  Thanks for hearing me out! “


Yeah we’ll ultimately be making that happen, essentially in the way you indicate.

Survivor, MeSDatGeek asks, “Will we get proper stairs, without having to rely on mods? This has been a pretty big topic for a lot of us. It is something that many of us feel should be added to a game such as this as a default building feature.”


Yep, that’ll be coming in July for the various building tiers.

Survivor, Tamaster asks, “Can we please, please, please get server logs for destroying structures? Make them optional if needed just please!”


Yeah, that’ll get added in v244.

Survivor, ChiOokami asks, “Will Ark ever receive colorblind support. It’s hard to distinguish between the different drop colors. A simple name when looked at through a spyglass would be sufficient.”


We’ll make the floating texts colors change-able as we did in SotF, and sure we’ll go ahead make the spy-glass able to get info on whatever supply crate it’s looking at from a distance.

Survivor, Adamsmasher asks, “What about a scroll option to move a desired piece (i.e. fence foundations) to all the different snap points it can see?”


Sounds like a pretty darn good and straightforward idea, I’ll try to get that in soon!

Survivor, Direwolf asks, “Do you have a specific release date for Primal Survival Mode, or is it not yet set?”


Its primary developers, Instinct Games, are aiming for a November 2016 release! My personal favorite: playing as a dung beetle and needing to find poop to consume. Survival Evolved indeed ;)

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK: Survival Evolved Team!


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