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ARK Digest #28

Survivor, GamerPerfection asks, “Are you looking at adding the ability to pick up our Dodos so that I can take selfies with my Dodos?”


Yes actually, we intend to add support to “carry” smaller dinos! This will be similar to having them mounted on your shoulder, except you will be unable to use a weapon while doing so as you must hold them with your hands.

Survivor, Barkuhn asks, “Can we expect some sort of mechanised transportation system in the higher tiers?”


Yup, that is definitely something you can expect to see. :)

Survivor, Kimsie asks “Is the final plan to have multiple taming methods for each animal or just for some and could multiple be more than two?”


We’re still undecided about whether we’re going to have multiple taming methods or not, though feel free to input some suggestions.

Survivor, Kimsie also asks, “You have also mentioned a second ARK in the works. How many ARKs are planned for release (and after)?”


Our focus right now is on ARK Prime. ;)

Survivor, LookingForGroup asks, “When we’ll reach beta and you will start optimizing the game, will you add multi-threading support?”


The game does currently use more than one thread, however there are more aspects of the gameplay which could be threaded, especially in later Unreal Engine 4 versions. As we head forward we’ll be continuing to pull in optimization related changes from later UE4, including more parallel threading systems.

Survivor, D34DGR1NG0 asks, “With the popularity of ARK on the rise and the devotion of players split between Primitive and Full Content servers, are there any plans to expand on the two distinct “eras” in playstyle?”


The Primitive+ Total Conversion will focus more on primitive era gameplay specifically, as we’ve set up Official Servers for this! Whereas ARK: Survival Evolved the main game will always be a mix.

Survivor, tomb asks, “Will it ever be possible to get a .ini server setting for allowing or not allowing offline raiding? Something like “if player / tribe is online their buildings can be destroyed”


Yes, that seems reasonable and is simple to do. We’ll add that in the next patch!

Survivor, MLaidler asks, “It was mentioned several digests ago that (post-release) there would be an oceanic isles map. Is this still planned post-release? I’d love the emphasis on sea and air dinos, boats, and making outposts on smaller islands”


We’re very interested in expanding the sea-based gameplay, and that necessarily includes more space to do that!

Survivor, Shadowenigma250x asks, “Will we ever see full creature based armor sets? Kinda of an upgrade to the creature masks/helmets already in the game (Dodorex mask, Rex skull helmet, etc)”


There are a few too many creatures in the game for us to devote resources to this at the moment, but it’s a good thing for Mods to be able to pick up on. Later on, we’ll see.

Survivor, Seggzy asks, “Would it be possible to add a place-able, high powered, telescope to the game? You know to spy on people around the island (or the aliens in the sky)”


Alas there are spatial networking limitations that come into play with super long distance scopes, but we’ll be considering it and see if there’s a way to get past those limitations.

Survivor, GrandTheftAuto asks, “Any plans to revisit the Kibble Tree? (most kibbles fall under a linear chain that makes doesn’t make sense, why tame carno before trike?)”


Yes, this will get a rebalance/restructuring before shipping.

Survivor, RadioActiveMan asks, “Any feedback/eta for ‘floating’ structures collapsing as they should? Pipes/Wires/Pillars – If you remove their roots, they do not fall.”


It’s actually very annoying when pipes fall due to lack of support (you could destroy someone’s pipe network too easily otherwise), though maybe we’ll enable a timer on them before support needs to be re-added. But as for pillars, those should require support (old legacy pillars may linger though), so we’ll be looking into it.

Survivor, RadioActiveMan asks, “Will be be able to paint other appliance type items in the future?  Its nice we can paint the industrial forge but I wanna paint my fabricator too!”


We plan to do a painting/colorization pass on all structures before shipping so you’ll be able to paint them all!

Survivor, Erractic asks, “Would you ever consider adding a hot air balloon? I’d love to build airships, even if they were slower than a quetz and needed fuel. Could be really fun with the new grappling hooks too”


It would indeed enable more “persistently floating” air bases which could be really fun. Will be exploring this idea further in the near future.

Survivor, Bogdanov89 asks, “Any critical improvements coming to the in-game Server Browser?”


Indeed, we plan to do exactly that in April — you’ll be able to access an “Extended Server Details” page for any server that you’re viewing which will list effectively all of the configurable options. Also more values will be exposed for global filtering — however not all of them as we have too many configurable values for Steam to use as filters.

Survivor, ryanmc15 asks, “How will alpha dire wolves work? Will  you have to tame an alpha or once you have tamed a pack of wolves an alpha will be elected?”


You’ll have to tame an alpha wolf. :)

Survivor, vis02001 asks, “Is there anyway that we might be able to get a shark cage? So we can put on the side of our rafts and descend into the depths to harvest resources.”


Ahh that’s a little beyond the scope of our current intent for the rafts, but maybe a mod can run with that idea as it does sound pretty fun!

Survivor, Frostyeagle asks, “Does the titanosaur get a special ultra big poop?”


It does!

Survivor, Woden asks, “what about adding bean bag ammo for the shotgun (seeds + fiber). This could be a neat stun/ torpor attack against human players and small Dino’s, (compy, dimorphodon!, dodo)”


Haha, we like it! ;)

Survivor, xopha asks, “Will we ever be able to pick up the cages with a flyer? Another form of prisoner transport that could then be intercepted. Maybe the cages break if dropped?”


That’s certainly an interesting idea, would enable transportation of prisoners without freeing them. We’ll explore how technically viable it is.

That’s it for this week’s ARK Digest! Thanks for tuning in and hopefully you’ve walked away learning something new! ;) Thanks for all the support, engagement, and feedback so far!

Much love,
Wildcard Jen & The ARK Survival Evolved Team!


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