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ARK Digest 28 – SotF Survivor League, Mod Contest, Cave Rework & More!


It’s been a little while since our last Digest, we’ve had a lot going on! Getting lost at tradeshows, attempting to find snap-points when putting together furniture in our new offices, not being prepared for the seasonal elements of Spring, as well as the launch of our free game, Survival of the Fittest and our tremendously hazardous caves! We’ve got a bit to catch up on so let’s get this started!

Survivor League

We are excited to announce that the first Survival of the Fittest Survivor League is officially LIVE! You can keep track of when this round ends by heading over to our Survivor League page and checking out the countdown to see when the top-ranked players will be archived into the league. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Survivor League, here’s a run down!

What is Survivor League?

The Survivor League is a hall of fame that intends to honor and preserve the top 40 Survival of the Fittest players of said period. At the end of every league, we will be celebrating the highest-scoring players, which will be visible in real time, by both archiving them and announcing them as the Survivor League for that month.

How long does each Survivor League last?

Each Survivor League will last approximately 30 days.

When does the first Survivor League start?

The first Survivor League will be announced on April the 15th at 12PM Eastern. This means that all active games now will count towards the first league and players are able to keep track of when the winners will be archived by checking the clock at the top of Survivor League page.

How will the ranking system work?

Ranks are determined by the amount of score you have in each specific game-mode. When the clock hits zero, the Top 10 Ranking players in each of the 4 game modes, a total of 40 players, will be declared and entered into the Survivor League. Following this, the new clock will begin ticking for the next Survivor League.

Ranks will not be reset after each month has been awarded so it is entirely possible for players to stay on the league for multiple months, however a player’s score may start to decay if a player has not played for over 1 week.

What are the benefits to becoming a part of the Survivor League?

There are many benefits to becoming a member of the Survivor League. First of all, the top 10 players in each mode will receive a cash-prize dependant on their placement on the rank tables. The prizes will be distributed as following:

PlacePrize Pool

These prizes will be allocated accordingly to all 40 members of the Survivor League for that month. Survivor League members will also be archived and celebrated throughout the game in the Survivor League Archives and members of this exclusive and honorary league will be invited to upcoming broadcasted Tournaments, so getting into the league is not just a way to win a large amount of money and glory, but also a way to earn even more prizes and glory in the future. We are serious about the Survival of the Fittest becoming a serious competitive e-sports game and with that, want to celebrate players who are dedicated and perform to the highest standard!

Disqualification from Survivor League

Any player found to be exploiting the game by gaining an unfair advantage through the use of unintended mechanics or third party programmes will risk being disqualified from the league. Studio Wildcard holds the authority and discretion to determine what gaining an unfair advantage would be and will step in if necessary. Disqualification from Survivor League may result in, but is not limited to: being permanently banned from ARK Survival of the Fittest, stripped of all Survivor League titles, forfeiture of any unpaid monetary prizes and prohibited from entering or participating any tournament.

Changes made to Survivor League

Studio Wildcard holds the right to make any changes to the terms of participation, the methods of qualification, and the prizes for for Survivor League as they deem necessary. However any such changes will be notified to players in advance and will not have an effect for 30 days.

This does not impact balance or other such changes to the game mode, Survival of The Fittest, only to the terms of the Survivor League and its associated prizes/titles/rewards, etc.

Good luck to all those competing and may the best survivors win!

1458099833_Dragon Wrecking

Mod Contest


We just wanted to remind you guys that you are approaching the deadline for the entries very shortly and that on Friday, April the 1st at 12PM EASTERN, entries will be officially closed!

Cave Rework!

So you guys have now had a few days to check out our new caves and we really hope you’ve enjoyed running through them! We’re going to start looking at the older caves now and give them a bit of a makeover, here’s a little sneak-peek ;). Let us know what you think!








And to read the full Digest including Q+A, just click here!

Much love,
Wildcard Jen & The ARK Survival Evolved Team!

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