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ARK Digest #21

ARK Digest Q&A

Survivor, Nova Scopes 420 asks, “Devs, can we please have the ability to select a server within the game menu and view the exact details of the server? Ex. Tame/gather multipliers, active mods, difficulty, etc. It would be really handy when trying to find the right server without having to join and ask the admins about their settings.”


That’s a pretty good idea! We’ll look into how much extended info we’re actually able to post about a Steam server to determine its viability, hopefully we’ll be able to get it out there!

Survivor, Hazmat asks, “Is there plans in the works to change the taming system, or implement a new skill based method alongside the current system?”


We plan to add non-torpor feeding method for all herbivores, and an analogous (more dangerous) one for carnivores. A riding ‘break-in’ system might better be suited for a mod so we’ll work on exposing enough functionality in the Dev Kit for modders to make that possible!

Survivor, Mojochy asks, “With the upcoming bosses and the mention of taming them, you guys have said they will be limited tames. How will this work? Only one of each boss per server? 1 boss per tribe? Temporary tames? I personally like the idea of one boss tamed per server in combination with 1 boss per tribe. Making some tribe feel ‘unique’.”


We’re not quite ready to reveal the details of the new Boss Taming system yet, but it will be somewhat along the lines of what you’re suggesting 😉

Survivor, Manks asks, “On a previous Ark Digest you mentioned a new way to get high tier blueprints as an upcoming update. Could we get some more information about that, please?”


We’re currently iterating on the balance of them – we’re looking to roll them out later in November!

Survivor, Shingeki no Obama asks, “Any plans for hybridizing creatures? Within reason so you don’t have to make a million models. ( think theropod with theropod, so on so forth).”


That sounds more like a mod or a sequel feature to us ;)!

Survivor, Fourth asks, “Can we get flares for underwater lighting?”


The upcoming modern flashlight will do that for you! And yes, you will be able to colourize the lighting!

Survivor, Seeigel asks, “Will we see smaller gates or bigger doors? So if you want to build a shelter for your dodo/raptor/wolf etc you dont have to use a gate as high as a Mammoth…”


Yup, we’ll see about adding a double-wide “normal height” doorway set for all structure tiers soon! We may even be able to make it in this month :).

Survivor, fergdaddy asks, “Are you going to update/upgrade the Broodmother to match the difficulty of the rest of the game? It seems a little bit too easy, even for a “fun” boss, no? Keep up the great work!”


Yup! The Broodmother will be rebalanced in an upcoming boss pass!

Survivor, OnlyUseMeRaifu asks, “Are there any plans for “enhanced” saddles? A lot of people on /r/playark were talking about them and it would be epic. For example like bags attached to saddles to increase carry weight or seatbelts to prevent being grabbed, things like that etc”


We’re currently considering a generalized dino-armour system that would include saddlebags! However we just need to be sure that it doesn’t require a ton of models for each creature.

Survivor, apcobe asks, “Aquatic and amphibian breeding?”


It’s in the works!


Survivor, Switchu asks, “Can we expect to see something like this in game somewhen in the future?



The challenge for us is that we don’t have the art resources (or game memory space) to do that for every creature in the game. So it’d have to be selective, which would make people who use other creatures left out. We love that mod however and we are so, so tempted….

Survivor, [Po2D]Drake asks, “Can we get an option to change the brightness of the placement indicator. It’s sometimes very hard to see that green color in the ground when lacing fence foundations.”


Sure! That’ll be pretty easy to expose

Survivor, AtomicNM asks, “The Kairuku use a similar substance to polymer to act as a form of armor… Does that mean that we will later be able to use Polymer in a new set of armor?”


Yup! There is an upcoming “modern” armour tier that will make use of those resources!

Survivor, Nissalee asks, “It was recently mentioned that the Xbox One version of ARK is not far off. You say there will be an option to do local hosting with four players. Does this mean there will be split-screen, local co-op? I bet my husband and I would buy the game for console if it offers local couch co-op.”


We are seriously interested in local co-op on console, which provides a great couch-based experience for families. It won’t quite make the Xbox Early Access launch, but we are very very verrrrrrrrry much going to try to get it in subsequently. (Of course it would then also be added to the PC version as well.)

Survivor, Mr.Bayne(Ω) asks, “Would it be possible to get more settings that control Dino babies, such as a setting that controls baby food consumption only? The people on our server would like to have babies grow slower but not require as much food to raise them. Would this be possible. We want to see Dino families walking around in our base.”


Sure, we’ll expose a value for baby food consumption specifically. Then you can really draw out that baby-raising process 😉

Survivor, DeadlyAccurate asks, “The problems with the warpaint are near-and-dear to my heart. Are they ever going to be fixed? – The two main issues are; The black and other colors that show up too faintly to be useable on both the humans and dinos. The bright colors, like the magenta and cyan, look fantastic, but the darker colors like black and navy are too light to see. As well as, the UV overlap on the dinos that causes very messy painting, like painting the mammoth tusks paints on the trunk and the long streaks of paint when you’re trying to paint a daub.”


We should be able to deal with the dark colors soon, just need to find the time to play around with the Material. The UV issue on specific creatures, however, is unlikely to be fixed in the near-term as adding more UV space for unimportant regions like tusks would take away UV space from the body, making the rest of the creature’s war-paint appear at lower resolution. Also limited art time makes it impractical at the present time for us to focus that much on each creature’s warpaint UV’s.

Survivor, WhiteWolf asks, “You recently stated that you think tamed Dinos scale to be too powerful. How do you plan to deal with them? Nerf their stats per level, or introduce counters?”


Most likely rebalance all of the stats, both wild and tamed, once we’re essentially content complete for shipping.

Survivor, RadioActiveMan asks, “Will we have future opportunities to obtain the skeleton skins and witches hat?”



Survivor, Mac_intosh1172 asks, “Can we expect to see the feather “mechanic” of the Dodorex on the Argentavis and upcoming feathered creatures? Similar to the fur pass on the mammals?”


Yes, every feathered and furred creature is getting an awesome makeover to be released in November — watch the Extra Life ARK Twitch stream on Saturday if you want to see some previews 🙂

Survivor, Syrade asks, “Any update on when server logs are going to be put in?”



Survivor, LeeRoy Titanium asks, “Can we get a button that closes out of the inventory screen. For example you press F or I to get into it and maybe F again to close it out.”


Sure, we’ll make F or E toggle it.

Survivor, Iamthelaw00 asks, “The Beaver was one of the first announced dossiers, yet still isn’t in game. What’s the deal with that and can we get an ETA?”


We aren’t quite implementing in terms of Dossier announcement order but rather in terms of balancing-need/role fulfilment — don’t have an exact ETA yet on the Beaver (its game art is currently being created), but it should be this year.

Survivor, Amrageddon asks, “Will plant vines grow over structures in the Swamp Biome, and Snow Covers structures in the Snow Biome?”


There’s been talk of doing that here, and we experimented with how that looks on structures in the snow biome: it looked very cool! However it’s not a high priority to prepare at the moment since it’s just a minor aesthetic detail, but it might happen later on.

Survivor, ApeShet asks, “Will we be able to hang swords and shields on the walls to make an epic war room?”


That’s not a bad idea! We’ll consider it.

Survivor, ApeShet also asks, “How extensive will the plant dossiers etc be? Will we be able to see what berries they have just from looking at them (the plants in the wild), or will these dossiers only apply to special plants like x species?”


You’ll be able to see the info about every harvestable resource in the game by examining it with the spyglass, it’ll tell you everything it can yield, and in what probability!

Survivor, Phantasm98532 asks, “will we be getting any additional fence types besides just regular walls? Has there been any consideration of generator run Electrified fencing from the Devs?”


We’ve considered electrified fencing, though we’re not sure of the practical use of it in the base game at the moment… However there are cool mods which add Electrified Fences such as ARK Reborn:


Survivor, DracoSerpentor77 asks, “Will the individual mesh representations have a part in nonviolent taming, like throwing down meat to make the animal more comfortable around you before you start hand feeding it? Actually…That leads to my next question… ETA on mesh representations? o3o”


December. We want to make sure we’ve done some memory optimizations before we eat up more memory 😉

Survivor, Darktrooper117 asks, “How soon until we can use fire as a weapon? I’d love to be able to set fire to foliage, thatch, and wood structures. #notapyro”


We have some prototypes of how it works internally, but the key is making sure it doesn’t wreck performance on large structures. We still need to figure out more with that so an ETA is difficult, but effective uses of fire combat mechanics — flaming arrows, flamethrowers, and greek-fire throwable grenade pots — are certainly planned as a launch feature.


That’s it for this week’s combined Crunch and Digest guys! Don’t forget the Alienware! As always if you’ve got anything to share please get in touch and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @survivetheark, Facebook at www.facebook.com/survivetheark and Reddit at www.reddit.com/r/playark!

Thanks everyone!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team


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