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Spotlight Quetzalcoatlus & Midweek Madness Steam Sale!


Spotlight: Quetzalcoatlus!

From afar, it’s hard to believe that Quetzalcoatlus is one of the largest avian on the island. It shares a similar silhouette with the Pteranodon, and nests near the absolute highest peaks. Upon closer inspection, though, Quetzalcoatlus is an enormous creature of tremendous power.


Known to his friends simply as “Quetz” this gigantic creature has a very specific role on the island. Too slow to be an efficient local transport, and too weak to be an effective warbird, the tribes we’ve encountered tend to employ it as a mass carrier. Quetzalcoatlus is primarily used by these masters of the skies to safely carry vast quantities of supplies, creatures, and human cargo from one base to another without tiring. Some tribes have been known to build upon their saddles and forge giant moving bases and epic battle fortresses! Update your games and scour the skies to locate the rare beast flying among the clouds!


Midweek Madness!

For those of you who have yet to visit the island, you can start your epic adventure with ARK: Survival Evolved during our limited-time sale through Thursday on Steam for $19.99! That’s a 33% discount off the regular game!

We’re hoping to see you guys in game and in the skies, manning these powerful beasts and roaming the skies with your tribe!


Survival of the Fittest: The Last Stand

Our epic Last Stand tournament will continue today at approximately 3:30PM EST. We are excited to announce that we’ll have some fantastic new changes in this version with the arrival of ALL THREE BOSSES, 6-PLAYER TRIBES and FREE WARPAINT! So get excited and get ready to do battle guys!


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