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Mammal Pregnancy & Babies!


We are very excited to announce that in the next major content patch v. 220, we will be bringing Mammal Breeding and Babies to the ARK! Similarly to Dinosaurs, Survivors will be able to start a furry family of baby mammals! This will be the first pass and as we go along we’ll make more improvements and changes to the system, you’ll be able to read more about how it works here!

Ok so the way it’s gonna work in v220 is that Mammals, upon Mating, the female then becomes pregnant and you have to wait a Gestation Period indicated via the HUD before she will give birth. During this period, her belly becomes larger and larger, and the female’s Food consumption rate increases all the way up to double food consumption as the gestation progresses. When that timeframe is up, she’ll give birth, and then the mating interval cooldown starts before she can mate again.

Also as noted in the v220 patch notes, there’s now a random chance of genetic twins (10% chance) or triplets (2% chance). Bear in mind this is again first pass implementation, there will be additional layers of complexity going into this system down the line, including plans for random mutations with increasing chance of inbreeding penalties (representing the concept of “recessive alleles”). Also might add some temperature/care requirements to meet for the female during the pregnancy gestation period.

Have fun with your mating!


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