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ARK: Fear Evolved!


ARK: Fear Evolved

We have an exciting late-October special event in the works for all ARK Survivors, so fun that we just couldn’t wait to give you a brief preview. For about a week toward the end of October, the ARK will be undergoing a brief seasonal change where the air becomes cooler, the days shorter & the nights longer, the moon a certain shade of red, bats and other nasty creatures appearing above-ground, carvable pumpkins sprouting up, rumors of powerful undead beasts roaming the land — and emerging from the mists, the mythical Dodorex makes its appearance at last astride an army of bloodthirsty zombie Dodos, with limited edition treats for those Survivors brave enough to take on the many tricks of ARK: Fear Evolved! What a run-on sentence, phew! More details and media will be unveiled as we approach our favorite time of the year, happy hunting Survivors 🙂


Dino Dossiers

We have no new favorites to introduce to you guys today, but don’t worry, we’re not done yet! We’ll still be releasing Dino Dossiers however as we approach our final number of over 100 creatures, we’ll be cutting down the rate at which dossiers are revealed. So from this week onwards we’ll only be showcasing one dossier per week, on Monday! And we’ll generally do news drops plus other development tidbits on Wednesday with the ARK Digest.

ARK Digest!

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of the ARK Digest! For those who missed the previous issues, check out the Announcement forum section on the Steam Community Hub and be sure to catch up with what you’ve missed as there is tons for you to catch up on!

Alienware Modding Contest

1439568110_Alienware Banner

Hope you guys haven’t forgotten about the epic modding contest we’ve got going with Alienware! We encourage any and all survivors interested in modding and currently working on their own version of the ARK to submit their mods to the contest! We’ve got loads of prizes up for grabs and are super excited to see your envisions of ARK come to life!

ARK Digest Q&A

And now for the Q+A!

Boom.. boom… boom..

1444273948_Drums v4

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