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ARK Digest #17

ARK Digest Q&A

Survivor, Findalfin asks, “Will we be able to Paint Patterns on our armor?”


Yup! This is something we’ve wanted to do once we came up with the idea of pixel painting and then warpaint. The team is actually currently working on this and hopefully we’ll be able to have it out to you guys fairly soon!

Survivor, RinVindor asks, “When will you finally consider tribe alliances?”


This has been in the works for a while and we’re still going to be doing it. Tribe Alliances will come to PvE servers and will be released some time this year. However for PvP we’re still not quite sure it’s necessary as we’d prefer not to have abstractions or get involved in natural PvP.

Survivor, luigi430 asks, “What have you planned for the skin suit on hot climates?”


Yup! We’re working on something for this. It’ll be the Primitive Ghillie suit and will definitely provide some resistance in those scorching environments!

Survivor, Nui-Chan asks, “What do you guys ultimately plan to do about non-dedicated host tether distance?”


Honestly this is a tricky one! We’re not quite super sure yet what we plan to do and have a few possible ideas we can work with however don’t sweat, we’ll figure it out! 😉

Survivor, Nui-chan also asks, “Can you guys make the Mammoth be able to knock down trees by walking through them?”


Haha, we actually feel the Mammoth is not as large enough to pull that off due to the enormous size and strength of the trees on the ARK!

Survivor, Amega asks, “Will the idea of rafts be extended with higher tier boats, such as motor boats or something alike? I really like rafts, but now I want a faster boat 🙂


Yup! We wanted to see how you guys would like rafts and so far the results have been very positive so the next form of aquatic-vehicular travel we’re working on would be a speedboat!

Survivor, Chgamer24 asks, “Will we see a possible upgrade to the torch? Perhaps a flashlight”


This is on the way! We’ll be introducing a Flashlight to the core-game 🙂

Survivor, Chgamer24 also asks, “Is there a chance of seeing throwable flares that Dinos chase? TY Jurassic Park ;)!


That’s actually a pretty exciting idea and we do love our flares! We’ll probably get to that fairly soon 🙂

Survivor, Chgamer24 also asks, “How about Stairs?”


This is something we’re considering, perhaps in the secondary structure pass. However for now you can make use of this fantastic mod!


It has some cool rounded-walls too! 🙂

Survivor, [EmP]Mr.Ping asks, “Could you please add that we can cook with the Water Canteen 3x and with the Water Jar 2x?”


Ah yeah, we’ll get to fixing that bug fairly soon – don’t worry, it’s on our to-do list!

Survivor, Tyrannogon asks, “Could we please get crop growth speed and egg laying/defecate time interval server configuration”


That’s not a bad idea! We’ll make sure that server-side setting is exposed in the next update.

Survivor, PERMANENTv2 asks, “Will we be able to use our spyglass to remove those hard to remove building components (e.g pipes?)”


Hehe, that’s actually a very reasonable idea. We’ll think about it 🙂

Survivor, Arsenic_Touch asks, “Are there plans for more Survival Elements? Such as broken bones that slow you down, bleeding that requires suture kits or bandages to stem,
diseases that effect you in certain ways, or drugs that affect you certain ways (toxins, hallucinogens, et cetera), weather and environmental effects that affects you outside of the temperatures? IE wind storms that slow you down, snow drifts that slow you down,
heavy rains that slow you down, or lightning that can damage you, tornados that can demolish structures and kill players/dinos, clear trees, floods and mudslides that can do the same, hail that can damage you, acid rain, earthquakes, tsunami’s, volcanic eruptions, et cetera?


That’s a long one! And yup, the elementals and general survival features are core to ARK’s world. We will indeed be including and doing another “Survival Status” pass this year as we get further into the game’s development and have more of our features and content implemented and functioning.

Survivor, igottapi4 recommends, “To answer your Q from the previous Digest, the way you can bring ramps and ladders to the stone tier is to make them reinforced like the doors and windows.”


True, very true. We’ll get on it! 🙂

Survivor, Repzo asks, “Will you change behaviors that don’t match the dossier descriptions, when you overhaul the AI? Like ants being described as docile but territorial?”


Yup, we’ve got our secondary Dino Pass planned and that will include many changes and some TLC given to a lot of the Dinosaurs already released!

Survivor, Tex asks, “Do you love Australia? Will you add extinct Australian creatures in the future? Obdurodon: Giant platypus, Procoptodon: Goliath kangaroo, Thylacoleo: Marsupial lion – show us some Aussie love, guys!


You mean like this Thylacoleo Carnifex?


And yeah, the Procoptodon does sound pretty awesome too 😉

Survivor, BL00DHOUND187 asks, “Will more Biomes be added after the Snow and Swamp biomes are added?”


We’ve got plans for one more sub-biome and after that we’ll be making a whole bunch of caves and focusing a lot on ARK’s progression related content! We still have our story to finish off, as well as getting to the end game and much more 😉

Survivor, Baron Davi asks, “There will be a Sit-on-the-ground animation or something similar to make amazing shots and machinimas?”


Yup, we’ll be doing extra animations for our survivors, including sitting! You’ll be able to make use of the furniture items with animations too! 🙂

Survivor, alexw1223 asks, “Will you make Titanoboa tamable with the release of the Swamp Biome?”


We plan to do so with the unveiling of the ARK: Fear Evolved!

Survivor, tomdvzero asks, “Will the spyglass be dyeable?”


We’ll get around to that 🙂

Survivor, Major Premise asks, “Any chance of ever being able to mount the Mesopithecus on our throwable Dimorphodons?”


Probably a little overkill haha :p Fun idea though!

Survivor, Pebbles-Chan asks, “Will we be able to get Microraptors on our shoulders?”


Yup! They’ll be able to ride on there too 🙂

Survivor, Dust asks, “The new inventory folders are awesome but it would be nice to have a Slot counter to know when the storage containers are full! (Vaults are the worst)


That’s a good idea! We’ll add the slot counter in Version 217 🙂

Survivor, Krypteis001 asks, “Any chance of seeing additional type of turret plants? Like maybe a species that does little to no damage but increases torpor or one that hits targets with a pheromone that attracts a swarm of ants?”


Definitely a fun idea and something we could have a lot of fun and experimentation with. It is very likely we’ll have extra plant-turrets with unique features at some point 🙂

Survivor, [ITM]Apollo asks, “Can we get an ETA on when the supply drops will be updated and if so when? Plus will there be higher level drops?”


We’ll be updating the Supply Drops to include the latest items within a couple of weeks and deal with the balance issues you guys have brought up! We’ll also be introducing ascendant drops to them! 🙂

Survivor, Neizan asks, “Can you say details of “Custom RP-Orientated Recipe/Cooking System (Including Skill-Based results”?”


We’ll have a big post on this a little later on, most likely in another Digest when it’s more up and coming. However suffice to say, Brontaco was inspiring and we want survivors to make actual Brontacos in game and sell them!


Survivor, A Big Hairy Monster asks, “Can we please get a proper chat channel system or a channel wheel? Nobody wants to use radios to coordinate alliance PvP when they have to remove the radio from their bar just to talk to their tribe”


We’ll be doing work on the UI and Chat system as we progress however yes that’s a good point regarding the Radio. We’ll make the radio no longer override Tribe chat in the next update! Thanks for bringing it up 🙂

Survivor, Ash asks, “Do you guys plan on doing some kind of awesome events or speical in-game bosses, creatures or loot for the upcoming holidays? :D”


ARK: Fear Evolved event will be the first of many! 😉

Survivor, Akaella suggests, “A new whistle command that you’d bind to a specific Dino, like a ‘favourite’. Then when you press that hotkey, only that Dinosaur would run/fly to you. Alternatively, assigning up to 3 or 5 Dinos different hotkey whistle,s so that your favourite mounts would know their own whistle and come when you called? Possible?!”


Definitely possible and a fantastic idea! We’ll plop that on the pipeline and it’ll be done soonish 🙂

Survivor, Caveman asks, “Can I have tinsel and fairlights please?”



Hahah! This is fantastic, we had a right laugh about it :). We’ll also need to make you a flying sled… 😉 I hope you’re going to be giving out lots of presents to everyone you meet!

Survivor, DodoNation asks, “Is the Dossier guy dead? (No more new creatures)?”


You don’t know the order in which the Dossiers were written! That may not be the order in which they have been found 😉

Survivor, Kage_Angel02 asks, “Carryable Dodo?”


Not going to lie, it is very very tempting to do so.

Survivor, Kage_Angel02 also asks, “How about a sled for the megaloceros and the Dire Wolves to pull? Like Santa’s sleigh and a dog sled team.”


It’s actually very complex physics to achieve that properly, which is why we haven’t quited yet achieved it. However we’re still definitely considering it and may still do it.

Survivor, Repzo asks, “I ask this every week and it never gets picked 🙁 – Can we please have cloaks?”


This is also another physics and animation challenge to make look good. As the content team gets freed up from more pressing matters, we’ll investigate how we may be able to pull this off effectively and nicely!

That’s it for this version of the ARK Digest! Thanks for tuning in and for your continued support everyone!

All the best,

Wildcard Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team!


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