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Spotlight: Mesopithecus!


Spotlight: Mesopithecus!

The Mesopithecus Amicufur is an omnivorous monkey species, primarily inhabiting the island’s jungles. It is smaller than a human, but can move at about the same speed! It is not normally aggressive, but small groups of Mesopithecus can be troublesome.

The tiny, nimble Mesopithecus is a cute and useful creature to bring into your home or carry on your shoulder, since it can act as a mobile feces-flinging turret. You can also toss him over enemy walls and it will open small locked doors for you. The Mesopithecus also will automatically harvest nearby plants on its own initiative, and you can dress it up in your hat collection to create a monkey mini-you!

Additionally in this patch we’ve now introduced primitive smoke grenades to obscure your Tribe’s assaults, along with angled rooftop tilesets to create those natural-looking houses!

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