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Spotlight: Doedicurus!

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The Doedicurus Custosaxum is one of the island’s non-aggressive herbivores, generally found on mountains and grasslands. Large and well-armored, it has a supply of fat under it’s plates to keep it warm and fed in the cold.

It has tremendous defensive protection via its hard shell, to which it will retreat if threatened as well as an incredibly powerful spiked tail to inflict as much damage as possible, shattering the largest of stones.

Most importantly, when riding it, you can enter “shell-charge” mode and roll through the ARK as a hardened, nearly indestructible ball… similar to a certain blue rodent! This ability is great for rapidly closing the distance towards enemies, or just plowing through them like a bowling ball, making the Doedicurus fun for the whole Tribe!

Additionally in this patch we’ve now introduced a modern Spray Painting gun for rapid bulk painting of structures, as well as the mysterious “Plant Species X” that you can farm in a crop plot and use to defend your base with it’s vicious stinging spores!

1440540944_Plant Species X

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