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Unfortunately our players weren’t as bloodthirsty and greedy as we had hoped, it’s probably because this was their first time in the mode and you’ve got to be a bit cautious, right? Thankfully we’ve got twitch chat – and they love their chaos and that’s why they’ll love this mode! With the use of the Evolutionary Events, the pace of the game can change instantly, leading players can be squashed, alliances disbanded, mentalities crushed and or right out killed!

1438607188_Mega Fog Pokket

As the event draw nearer to an end, the dome continued to shrink smaller and smaller each moment. It had become apparent players had begun to form alliances, this is typical in survival games, the key is to survive, however there are risks involved in forming alliances. First of all, you always risk someone being a traitor, you never know when they’ll take out their pike and start stabbing you. After dealing with that potential issue, you need to watch out for the events. One of the larger alliances that had formed near the end of the game mode, known as the 6, had an unfortunate run in with a strategically-placed Carnivore drop. This is an evolutionary event that essentially drops random carnivores from the sky, like rain and the amount of dinosaurs that are dropped correlate to the amount of people nearby, so if there’s one person, they will have to deal with a minimal amount of carnivores. However if you’re in a large group? Expect a horde. Here’s how the 6 faired:

Gamemaker versus Players

A large alliance might save you from a survivor or two, but it won’t do you much good against this event 😉

When we hit the final minutes of the tournament the remaining alliance would duke it out with the other 3 remaining groups. Fan favourites and underdogs Lirik and Echo went into battle with their veteran allied T-Rex and Carnotaur, unfortunately they had sustained a lot of damage from previous engagements and due to the lack of resources in the location-starved event were quick to fall. It was a very impressive showing from the pair and their pet Dinos, who had eliminated many a Survivor before they went down, and we don’t quite think anyone expected them to get that far, so well done!

As for Entak and Anthony, they used a different strategy! Survival isn’t only about murdering your opponents, even if it’s super enjoyable. These two players in particular made effective use of their lack of dinosaurs and traps to hide within the spawn pad waiting for the right time to strike. Unfortunately they were quickly dispatched, however Anthony Kongphan was able to knock-out #TEAM POLOPHIN’s Spinosaurus and Triceratops during the fight with the use of his well-placed Nacro-tripwire traps! This lead to an immediate offensive maneuver from Royalph, much to #TEAM POLOPHIN’s great joy and Royalph’s dismay, the Trike was able to wake up and save the day securing the final kill on the remaining member of Royalph!

Here’s how the game ended:

Third Place: For the Ninja Keeeedz

Congratulations to both Anthony Kongphan and TheSparrowJourney, valiant effort from the pair. They walk away with $5,000, plus cool gear from Gunnar and Logitech.

Second Place: Royalph

Congratulations to both ESGame [a.k.a PartiallyRoyal] and PedroSaltana, Some last minute bartering over a Spino Saddle, a temporary truce secured them second place! They walk away with $10,000, plus cool gear from Gunnar and Logitech.


Congratulations to both Apolloz and DarkDolphin for securing the win! Their large Dinosaur army proved to be unstoppable and with the help of their formidable “TRIKE – LVL 66” they walk away with $20,000, plus cool gear from Gunnar and Logitech!

1438613228_TRIKE MVP

1438613110_#TEAM POLOPHIN

The Survivors

We’d like to give out a shoutout to all the survivors who participated and tuned in during the event! A lot of laughs were had through the interaction and exciting gameplay! As a thank you to all the contestants, we will be providing each of you, your very own customized ARK shirts, indicating your vitals which were depicted in the poster and some fun unique honorary awards that we made up for each contestant! We are very grateful for your help in unveiling this new mode and testing it out in the crucible of live broadcasting, as well as all the assistance and feedback you provided during the event!

As for our wonderful ARK playerbase, you all will get your hands on Survival of the Fittest on August 13! Why the wait?

It’s because we are preparing SotF as a new form of mod called a “Total Conversion”, which allows mod-makers to directly overwrite potentially EVERY SINGLE file of the game, without having to subclass. This is an incredibly powerful mod feature, allowing mod authors to create what are effectively entirely new games if they so desire — even including replacing the main menu, the loading screens, etc. You can also use Mods on top of Total Conversions, so for example someone could make a Mod specifically for “ARK: Survival of the Fittest”. Or repackage Survival of the Fittest as a different Total Conversion, since we’ll be providing the full content source for SotF too! Total Conversions are cooked intelligently with only the “modified” files included, so that tend to be be really tiny!

So we look forward to the big August 13 release, and stay tuned because on that date, in addition to releasing SotF, its source content, and Dev Kit support for Total Conversions, we’re also going to be announcing a really exciting new Modding initiative with some partners… it’s gonna be a blast 🙂

All the best,

Gamemaker Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team


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