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ARK Digest #14

ARK Digest!

Hello Survivors!

Welcome to the fourteenth issue of the ARK Digest! For those who missed the previous issues, be sure to catch up by checking out the recent posts listed on the home page or by searching the keyword ‘Digest’ via search bar on top right of the page.

Modding Contest and ARK Development Kit update

1439568110_Alienware Banner

Earlier this week we launched an updated development kit in partnership with Epic Games, which includes a streamlined version of the UE4 Editor to simplify the creation and sharing process of ARK Mods! You can get it for free here!

And with those updated tools, came out new modding initiative! We’ve partnered up with Alienware and NVIDIA GeForce to host our very own modding contest!

The contest objective is to use our development kit and create your very own ARK Survival Evolved mod! The more creative and in depth the mod can be, the better it is! For those who enter the contest, here’s what you have a chance at winning!

Grand Prize (1st Place)

$15,000 USD, Alienware Area-51 Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 TI Graphics Card and a Sponsored Server listing on TopARKServers!

2nd Place

$5,000 USD, Alienware X51 Desktop, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card and a Sponsored Server listing on TopARKServers!

3rd Place

$2,500 USD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card and a Sponsored Server listing on TopARKServers!

Special thanks to Alienware and NVIDIA GeForce for providing these extra prizes to the winners! We’d also like to give a shout-out to TopARKServers who have kindly offered to provide the winners of the contest a sponsor listing on their website for life! These servers are displayed on the front page so it’s a fantastic prize!

So good luck to all those enter and we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

For those extra details, click here!

Spotlight: Gigantopithecus!

For those who hadn’t seen earlier we recently added our new apelike friend to ARK Universe! Including a little spotlight of what this new strange creature is capable of.


The Gigantopithecus Fibrarator is a strange creature. It is usually quite passive, but it has a very short temper when it comes to it’s personal space. Once, another creature gets close, this gentle giant quickly becomes a rampaging beast! It can be tamed via careful, non-violent feeding without raising its aggression, when domesticated the hairy-apelike creature can don a helmet on it’s head and ride it’s survivor on it’s shoulders to utilize its tremendous strength and throw them over enemy barricades and walls!

Let us know if you enjoyed seeing content like this and we can work on producing more for you guys! <3

Community Crunch Contests!

Hey guys!

We’re still running our weekly Community Crunch Contests! We want to see what you guys can create in our game, whether it’s a cool base or an beautiful painting – share it with us! We’ll be rewarding the winners with cash prizes each week!

You can read more and enter here!

ARK Digest Q&A!

This will be an extended Q&A due to the fact that last week’s was cut because of other commitments and time constraints! Sorry about that guys, hopefully you’ll be able to pick up a lot from this weeks and thanks for being so cool about it <3!

so here it goes!

Survivor, Darktrooper117 asks, “Will we ever be able to put Gigantopithecus into a suit of battle armor, give it a mace, and use it as a shock trooper in warfare?”


So we’ve launched the Gigantopithecus with the ability to equip headgear, this is the first step we’ll be taking into introducing armour onto creatures! In the future you’ll be able to have fully weaponized and armoured pets to take into battle. We’ll see about a full suit of armor and melee weapons for the Gigantopithecus, but never-say-never 😉

Survivor, WarlordofRome asks, “Any updates on instruments? I need bagpipes to play ‘Amazing Grace’ for my dead dinos.”


We’re still working on these, concepts and actual implementation, but we’ll roll out of the first of them — war drums — in September.

Survivor, Major Premise asks, “When we get to the ‘Tek’ level of Sci-Fi technology can we get something a bit more fitting than the thatch bed we’ve been using for respawn/fast travel? Maybe something like a healing tank (ala Star Wars), a cloning chamber or a auto-doc type bed? :)”


Yup! The Tek Tier will introduce many cool things, including a teleportation chamber. So that’s something to look forward to, however it’ll be very, very, pricey!

Survivor, Jewels400 asks, “Will there ever be a siege tier of tameable dinosaurs that could actually do damage (not too much) to stone structures? They could be slow moving and large to help balance them out such as an argentinosaurus or a different large sauropod dinosaur.”


Not likely a dinosaur, but there will be non-explosive primitive tech to damage stone structures soon. The reason we don’t want to allow a dinosaur to damage stone structures, is that would undermine the usefulness of stone structures in providing effective offline dino-raid defense (since a dinosaur can repeatedly attack forever without repercussion).

Survivor, .vNz asks, “When the sabers will stop doing raptor noise when something hurt them?”


This week 😉

Survivor, Tyrannogon asks, “Will creatures ever leave footprints? It would be useful for tracking.”


Yup, that’ll happen! Just a matter of time 🙂

Survivor, Tyrannogon asks, “If more islands are ever added, will some creatures/resources only be found on certain islands?”


As we progress through the Early Access period we’ll be making a lot of changes to the map, updating biomes, adding new biomes, working on the islands, and as we get to completing the map layout we’ll apply more-specialized locations to the increasing array of flora and fauna.

Survivor, Sn@pple asks, “Will anything ever be implemented for a way of resetting engram points?”


Yes! This is something we’re still planning on doing, however we need to fully-flesh out the process and ensure all the content is in the game ready, for someone to be able to reset their engram or stats.

Survivor, Sn@pple asks, “Will we be able to flip what way walls face when placing them?”


Yeah, we’ll add that quite soon. It’s annoying not to be able to do that, right? 😉

Survivor, Sn@ppl3 asks, “Will there be an option to make tribe alliances?”


We won’t have Official Tribe alliances per-se, however on PvE servers you will specifically be able to have mutuually agreed upon Tribe Warfare!

Survivor, Slatinator asks, “Will we see better defenses against the environment for our bases? Spike walls do nothing against wild dinosaurs D:”


We’ll look into further balancing as necessary, though yes we will be introducing more alternative forms of defense to the game. Some of the things we’re working on include:

A Primitive Organic Plant Turret (you grow this in a crop plot, which yes you’ll be able to place on structures):

1440056761_Organic Plant


A Ballista:


Keep in mind this is just concept art, so it may look a bit different when we actually release it – but this is the general idea!

Survivor, Darktropper117 asks, “Will we ever be able to mount a sentry turret on a raptor instead of a normal saddle? Heck, it would be fun if we could mount turrets on all of the smaller rideable creatures. The thought of a Carbonemys slowly chasing down an intruder with a minigun on its back gives me the warm and fuzzies!”


You’ll be able to mount turrets on the upcoming big platform saddles. Not so much on Raptors or Carbos, however maybe it’s possible on a Carbo as they have a pretty flat back… We’d need more of a battery-powered turret though, so we’ll think about it. Carbos with turrets on their backs would be pretty awesome, no doubt!

Survivor, Arsenic_Touch asks, “Any plans for a tribe leveling system, with bonuses to the group, skin unlocks and such?”


That’s certainly an interesting idea, and we’ll think on what we might be able to provide for that. At the very least we’ll do something when a whole Tribe “Ascends”.

Survivor, siriusds89 asks, “Any plans for T-Rex and other dinos that have vision based on movement, like the scene in Jurassic Park with the Rex? So that certain dino’s ignore you if you don’t move (not all of them though, gotta know your dino’s to know when to run.)”


We do plan to shift our AI to a more sensory-based system (work in progress! it’s a big change). As for whether standing still will keep you safe from T-Rexes, well… I guess we’ll need to wait and see ;). Keep in mind our T-Rexes are actual subspecies – so who knows for sure! 😀

Survivor, Sir_cabbage_the_green asks, “Will there ever be any way to say- build a well. So you can get limited amounts of water anywhere fertile on the island… or is there and I am just missing it :P”


There will be, but it might first be introduced on another ARK ;)….

Survivor, Diabolus Ursus asks, “To what extent are you guys planning on polishing your ecosystem? Will predators have territories and hunting ranges?”


Yup! We want ARK to be a fully-fledged ecosystem. For there to be a food chain, complete animal interaction, where the elements play an effect. It’s a long-project and will take time to be fully completed, however you’ll see herded animals roaming around together, animals being territorial and much more!

Survivor, Diabolus_Ursus asks, “How’s that DX12 support coming along?”


First pass should be ready in the first week of September!

Survivor, Winifreda von Puch asks, “Will the dinos grow in size with lvl?


So having a Dinosaur grow each time it levels, wouldn’t work well with the saddles fitting properly on them and your player character. However something we’re toying with, not 100% sure yet, but a concept, with our breeding system is as a Dinosaur ages (from youth to adult for instance), it might get larger. As opposed to it growing constantly, just grows when it makes a big change.

Survivor, Winifreda von Puch asks, “Are you planning to replace the overharvesting with something more balanced?”


Yes! This is something we want to do, we’re going to aim for more balance and for it to follow the dossiers more, at least for the core-game. Still a work in progress, but we’ll slowly be clamping over-damage as we introduce new Dinosaurs so you guys can get used to more natural gathering! Don’t worry though, they’ll still be effective for what they were described for.

Survivor, Danielskywalker asks, “How will the weight for structures built on a saddle affect the mount? Balancing the Saddle out for better speed maybe?”


Structures on top of the Mount will definitely affect the Weight on the Mount.

Survivor, failhelm asks, “When will the stone collecting dino be out?”


The Doedicurus is going to be our next Dinosaur, releasing early next week! For those who need a little reminder, here’s the cute fellah!

download (1)

Survivor, Dr. Baelish asks, “Will the alphas be in the survival of the fittest?”


There are not any plans to do so, as they’re so insanely powerful it’d be counterproductive to encouraging player-vs-player confrontation. But maybe there’s a way to incorporate them into the Evolution Events, we’ll see!

Survivor, CloM asks, “Will the Sci-Fi tier include floating buildings?”


Now there’s an idea! It will certainly include underwater airtight structures.

Survivor, CloM asks, “Is the Dragon scrapped or will it make a return?”


It’ll definitely be included! It’s one of our boss-monsters, however we’ve got a little while to go on that ;). Check out the Dev-Kit if you’d like to see how it looks right now! 😀

Survivor, CloM asks, “Will there be electrified fences to eliminate insects and dilos?”

Not sure they would be very effective in practice, as the odds of a dino (or anything for that matter) actually running into an Electrified Fence are probably rather low in practice…

Survivor, DinoFlame asks, “We have “trap doors”, but what about ones that can be used as actual traps? I.E. they collapse under weight to let the poor sucker on top fall through?”


Since you can’t carve into the ground, it’d have to be a floor you’d place on a raised structure. With that caveat, however, it may be an amusing thing for base defense. We’ll think about it!

Survivor, dinkey asks, “Are you planning to add more than 70 creatures to the game?


Very likely at this rate 😉

Survivor, dinkey asks, “What is the biggest thing you are working on for ARK atm?”


Making sure all relevant structures work properly with the Platform Saddle system – there’s a lot to do! Plus the superfun Warpaint.

Survivor, Cacharoes asks, “Will we see a Pheromone attractor/repeller to attract or repel an animal to an area?”


You will indeed.

Survivor, BL00DHOUND187 asks, “Will you add Walkie-Talkies with set channel types for long range communication ?”


We’ve actually got the radio for this, which was accidentally removed so that’ll be back in the next update!

Survivor, CM Punk asks, “Night Vision not as attachment but headset where you can turn it on/off, heat vision will also do, is it going to be a thing for tech-tier?”


Yes, it absolutely will be! Night Vision coming in the modern Tier actually, towards the high-end, and Heat vision will be available when we roll out the Tek tier.

Survivor, Kaffe asks, “Will we see anymore way to non lethal take someone down in the future such as a taser to replace tranq arrows ?”


Electrical Stun arrows will indeed be happening soon! They’ll provide a brief instant stopping power to smaller creatures, but won’t actually increase torpor much.

Survivor, DeadlyAccurate asks, “How close are we to getting the story stuff implemented? I’m dying to uncover the world’s secrets.”


They’re on the way… here’s a little sneak peek! 😉

1440056764_Ruins Concept

Survivor, Scraps asks, “It would be nice to see jams or preserves added into the game; something extra to do with berries.”


That’s actually a good idea Scraps! Plus it would give the preserving bins another purpose. We’re going to do it!

Survivor, Odra asks, “Will there be options to further accessorize dinos? Such as being able to put torches on them so when they follow you at night they can light up the area while you work with your own tools.”


Yup! You will be able to get further accessories on your Dinosaurs 🙂

Survivor, Maligant asks, “Where are the tameable laser raptors?”


They’ll be on the Tek Tier!

Survivor, Slatinator asks, “With the Sci-Fi tier coming up, will we see mecha dinos? Either spawned by the ark or made by humans?”


Only in Mods 😉

Survivor, Snoopy Sniper asks, “Will there be any snow-biome based predatory dinosaurs?


Yes as we introduce new biomes, we’ll include creatures for those biomes. The Dire Wolf will be one of the snow-biome based creature, among others!

Survivor, Sona asks, “ Enable/Disable Friendly Fire? An option like that would be soooooooo nice.”


For a server-wide setting? Sure. We’ll add it next week.

Survivor, Neizan asks, “You are going to include in the game smoke grenades? It is useful to attack, and is useful for escape.”


That’s a great idea! And we’ll endeavor to add them as soon as possible, hopefully next week 😀

Survivor, Jaryndon asks, “So you have mentioned a water raft and a dune buggy, Are you going to expand on these or even better let us build them up into say a sail boat or a hummer like vehicle?”


We’re going to see how the modders play around with them first! As well as look at the community’s general response to vehicles and how they play a part in the game before we proceed from there :).

Survivor, Repzo asks, “Why don’t mounted dinos always loot their kills?”


Ah! When implementing the looting feature we made it so that the Loot would not be harvested if a creature would go above 50% weight from harvesting a remote inventory, to prevent randomly becoming encumbered in a combat situation.

Survivor, DVS-Zunneh asks, “Can you explain the “elevator structures” a bit? Will they be able to lift say a spino, how far can they lift? We live in the volcano and would love to lift the few dinos that wont fit in.”


You’ll build a vertical elevator track, and put an elevator platform on the track (one allowed per track). There will be 3 sizes of platforms, which determines how fast it will move up the track, and how much weight it can carry. Then you just move your dinos/players onto the elevator, activate it, and if it’s under the weight limit, up-or-down it goes. Yes, the largest platform size will be able to lift a Spino 😉

Survivor, [KyG]-Box asks, “Do you ever plan on releasing AI tribesmen?”


Nope — but modders could 😀

Survivor, Xpired Mana asks, “Will we see alpha herbivores in the game?”



Survivor, Jesper / MrJones asks, “Is it intended that alpha dinos can make stone damage on primitive servers? (we cannot build metal to protect our bases from those..)”


Yes, but they should do much less damage on Primitive Servers. The nature of a primitive server means that Dinos would always be a greater threat, as the natural world was to cavemen vs humans with modern technology.

Survivor, woods ʂɧ™ asks, “Can you tell us something secret you are currently working on?”


iARK for your iPhone! Nah, just kidding, not yet on that one. How about the first stage of procedural ARK generation? Hmm not satisfied? Ok how about ARK #2? I don’t mean a sequel, I mean another ARK 😉

Survivor, woods ʂɧ™ asks, “Will there be extended natural hazards in ark? (earthquakes, small tornados, eruptions etc)”


We’re still debating this. As exciting as it sounds, we’re not sure whether the fun-factor of being in one outweighs the “what happened to all my stuff” factor of logging into find out that a random Tornado has wrecked your base when you were offline.

Survivor, Darkcyric asks, “Any ETA on the fix for balloon corpses?”


Hopefully this week, we’re working on it now!

Survivor, Moops asks, “Can u make turtle eggs last as long as all other eggs when they drop they only last for a few mins not 30”


Yes, thanks to you that is now fixed for the next update! 🙂

Survivor, Olozim asks, “Are there plans for a late-game torch/flashlight that isn’t an attachment? Just a simple lantern or flashlight would be awesome to have.”


Yes, we’ve got plans and they’ll be in soon!

Survivor, Cheshire Captain asks, “Can you make the T Rex taunt force lesser creatures to deficate? Pretty please?”


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Survivor, TheRaPitoR asks, “Will i ever be able to sit down ?”


Yes, yes you will, and you’ll have furniture to do it on 🙂

Survivor, Kollyn asks, “Any Idea when Quetzal is coming and do you intend to allow him to carry some bigger Beasts like Ankylosaurus and Trike ;-)”


Queztalcoatlus will be in September, and yes it’ll able to carry substantially larger Dinos than the existing flyers! Though he’ll also be rather slow :p

Survivor, Magic Loser Scar asks, “Saved PINs? :D”


You mean like, a locally saved preset pin code that you can quickly apply to any structure? Something we plan to do is make it so you can hotkey a bunch of pins locally, that way you can just apply them via the UI!

Survivor, nbattles asks, “Have you considered putting Godzilla into the game?”


Giganotosaurus is about as close as we’re gonna get in the near-term. But I wouldn’t put it past an enterprising modder…

Survivor, Arch asks, “Are there any plans for nets?


They are an animation nightmare 🙁

Survivor, drakeamis asks, “A way to “level out” ground so you can put down foundations straight”


Right now there aren’t any plans for terraforming, it’s incredibly expensive to performance, however we’ll see as we go along with the emergence of new technology and skills, could be possible but for now it’s not planned.

Survivor, Joe King asks, “Would it be possible for the tribe governance system to allow the leader to create their own ranks, and then set clearance levels for certain doors/chests/dinos?”


Currently you can set door access to Tribe admins only. More granular control is something we are considering, however.

Survivor, I ate a llama once! asks, “What are you planning to do about all the abandoned structures on the official PVP servers ?”


If players want to tear ‘em down in PvP, they can tear ‘em down? A PvP auto-demolish timer for unofficial servers should probably be an option, but I’m not sure it’d fit our “anything goes in PvP” design methodology to forcefully clear them out from Officials.

Survivor, Dogs on four legs asks, “Will this game continue updating after the game has been officially released?”


Yeah, it won’t be too different from our current update pace, except with better performance, more content, and less bugs 😉

Survivor, KeNz asks, “When can we do the barrel roll in the first trailer?”


I’m Arwinging this one.. we’ll go ahead and put that back in for next week! We really Slippy’ed up on delaying that one, didn’t we Fox?

Survivor, charliecatmur asks, “Will we ever have a desert biome”


In a manner of speaking, yes, and a lot of it!

Survivor, StrategicRat asks, “Will raw meat ever stack to something larger than 20?”


Not for raw meat, nope, it’s designed to only stack that much to emphasize the relatively rapid speed at which it spoils.

Survivor, Aesyrbane asks, “Can we have a fuel gauge for the fabricator/ generator put in so we know how long we have left on the current gasoline”


Good thinking, we’ll do that next week!

That’s it for this week’s ARK Digest! Thanks for tuning in and hopefully you’ve walked away learning something new ;). Thanks for all the support, engagement, and feedback so far and super sorry about the delays, we’ll get better at it!

All the best,

Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team!

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