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Welcome to the ARK! Coming to Early Access, June 2

Welcome, Survivors! This is it! This is where your open-world dinosaur survival fantasy finally comes to life. ARK: Survival Evolved is being announced for Steam and consoles, and this one’s the real deal. For an initial visual primer on what ARK’s all about, have a look at the Announcement Trailer:

ARK: Survival Evolved Announcement Trailer

And check out the detailed Steam Features list for more info!

As young kids, we played with our dinosaur toys and imagined ancient, lost worlds where such massive creatures roamed free — we also cried our eyes out through repeated viewings of “The Land Before Time”, and we’re not afraid to admit it. As we grew, we were captivated by the mere thought of exploring the towering cities of “Dinotopia”. “Jurassic Park” took this all to a new level, and thrilled, excited, and even touched us with its time-honoured animatronics, mind-boggling puppetry, and the terror of facing down what is still regarded as the most impressive T-Rex to ever grace cinema.

We here at Studio Wildcard love games — many of us have been making them all of our lives, and don’t know anything else. Others are simply engrossed with passion for creating a living, breathing world filled with the prehistoric creatures of our dreams and nightmares. Together we are a veteran team of artists, engineers, and designers who have dedicated our minds, bodies, and souls to one singular proposition: bringing those fantasies to your home entertainment system in one of the most ambitious hardcore large-scale survival experiences ever devised.

Early Access is going to give us the chance to share that dream, share that passion and the drive towards these goals with those of you who want the same thing. We’re not shy about this — all of us are giving 200% to this project, but there is so much knowledge, passion, insight, and skill in the wider gaming community that we want your help to design ARK to be as amazing and addictive as it can possibly be. We’re here to listen, and we’re here to grow this game, with you.

The next 3.5 weeks to Early Access release will continue to be tireless development for us, but we’re also going to be here reading what you have to say, letting you know what’s going on with our side of the project, and polishing every single system we possibly can to make sure when this hits Early Access, it’s already everything that we’ve described on our Steam page. As we move into Early Access, we can further focus on polish, enhancement, and even more content to flesh out and expand the primeval world of ARK until it’s the most fantastic place you’ve ever explored, so much so that you’ll never want to leave — assuming you’re powerful enough to get out alive in the first place!

Plus, we’ve got soooo many dinosaurs (and other extinct creatures). We’re not kidding about that. And you can tame pretty much ALL of them.

Come join us in building something spectacular. Something that’s going to set the bar for all future survival games, and all future dinosaur games. It’s going to be a wild adventure, and we want every one of our Survivors along with us. After all, evolution is best served by genetic diversity, and life finds a way… 😉

Yours truly,
The Studio Wildcard & ARK Dev Teams

P.S. Expect more info shortly about our standardized every-other-day news schedule, and in the meantime, enjoy these first Dino Dossiers that we’ve released on the game’s announcement. There are tons more to come 🙂





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