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Survivor, Egotesticle of the tribe Clan Magnus Legio, asks “Can we tie unconscious players to Dinosaur(s)?”


Yes! When you knock a survivor unconscious their body will act as if it’s a rag-doll. This will give other survivors the opportunity to pick them up, move them, spin them and even throw them. This feature also works with Dinosaurs and other tameable creatures, so you will be able to drag around both unconscious and dead bodies. Make sure you’ve got enough carry weight though, if you’re already maxed out – you’ll struggle to pick up the body!

Survivor, A Very Mysterious Potato asks, “What kind of things can you grow on your own?


Well apart from your survivor’s and tamed creature’s abilities we’ve got a pretty intricate farming system 😉

Initially, you’ll need to do some gathering before you’re able to set up a farm. Whilst playing the game, you’re likely to pick up seeds from foliage. Save these seeds as they’ll come handy later on.

The first step to creating a farm would be to make a water irrigation system. This is done by using a pipe, crafted from stone, and transferring water to a connected spout. Once you’ve successfully created the hydration system, you’ll need to then work on crafting a crop plot. They come in various shapes and sizes, however the elementary one is big enough to grow one crop.

Once you’ve gathered the materials to place your crop box, ensure that it is placed near your spout so that it’ll actually water your plants! Then place one seed you’ve collected inside the crop plot.

Apart from that you’ll also need to make a compost pot which will help to create the fertilizer necessary to grow your crops, this is created with the use of thatch from trees and poop, in a compost bin! Dinosaur poop tends to be higher quality but human poop can also be used to compost into fertilizer. Later on we intend for certain specific dinos to have extra high quality fertilizer-ready poop. We love poop and all that it provides.

Add the fertilizer to crop plot with the seed and you’ll begin to see some growth. It takes a few day/night cycles for the crop to fully grow. You’ll be able to see it visually progress throughout this period.

As for what you’ll be able to grow, all of the berry seeds you pick up whilst playing the game can yield large crops. For instance, one of the common berries are known as a Narcoberry. If you get a Narcoberry seed, you plant it and it grows – it’ll turn into a Nacroberry Bush and you’ll get a handful of Nacroberries from it.

However those aren’t all you can grow! You’ll also be able to grow different crops which won’t yield the typical berries, but instead special fruit/veggies which you’ll be able to use as a source for food and hydration! But wait, there’s even more – these fruits and veg have even more uses! You’ll be able to use them in special recipes in a cooking pot to make soups as well as medicines and buffing tonics!

Survivor, JasonB, asks “Dinosaur Mechanics? – In-depth discussion of how we can tame and what we can do with tame dinosaurs”


Taming! One of the many pivotal features of ARK. Taming is an incredibly rewarding part of the game and we recommend everyone who wants to compete at the highest level to look into it, as the advantages creatures can provide are amazing!

The way you tame is fairly simple, the first step to taming will be knocking a creature out. This can be done in a variety of ways. The first choice you have available to you, are your fists. If you’re strong enough, you will be able to punch a Dino until it gets knocked out.

Careful though, as you’ll take some damage by fist-fighting and you may actually kill the Dino in the process – and unfortunately, you won’t be able to bring him back to life. There have been no witnesses of a miracle, thus far.

The next choice you have available to you are ranged weapons. When used correctly, they are effective at knocking out creatures. The entry-level and highly-efficient weapon would be the Slingshot. It’s cheap to craft, and there’s plenty of ammo available to use. Just keep hitting that creature, preferably in the head, and eventually you can knock it out!

The last weapon we’re going to talk about currently, is the bow. This is more costly than the other ones, but proving you have the resources you will find that it is a lot more effective! A bow equipped with some carefully-crafted Tranquillizer arrows can put most creatures to sleep, as long as you land your shots quickly and especially if you pull off headshots!

How fast a creature gets knocked out is based on how quickly you can apply torpidity. Torpor is how we measure the rate of consciousness, zero is fully conscious, and once it reaches a certain threshold, which is unique to each creature, you become unconscious. Once a creature has been knocked out, it begins the taming process. What you’ll need to do is gain its trust back and let it know that you’re its friend. You do this by feeding it and taking care of it until it wakes up again, remember to keep an eye on its consciousness as if it wakes up before it can fully trust you, there will be hell to pay. You can keep it knocked out by applying more blunt trauma, feeding it narcotics, Narcoberries or using a Tranquilizing weapon.

This process can take a variable amount of time depending on what you decide to tame. Researchers have found that certain food has proven to be more effective at taming creatures, and a good diet can lead to a healthy and stronger creature. Each creature is unique in the rate at which they eat food, and depending on the creature you’ll find that they may have a taste for different things. Ensure that you always have something to feed it when it’s hungry during this process, otherwise it may become resentful and you’ll slowly lose progress.

Once a creature has been successfully tamed, it will become your ally and your tribe’s ally. It trusts you, so you should trust it. A scorpion would never hurt its friend, so do not fear it. As to what tamed creatures are capable of, Survivors have noted that they are incredibly easy to train. They will follow, stay, eat, carry materials, and attack on command. They can be told to guard and protect, therefore they only act aggressively when aggression is shown towards them or their friends. Also they can be trained to be hostile to those who are not part of the tribe.

So far we’ve discovered that many creatures have their own unique talents, the Brontosaurus is incredibly effective at clearing forests and gathering foliage. The Ankylosaurus is an absolute monster when it comes to mining , and the Scorpion’s tranquillizing attacks are a hunter’s best friend! As we continue our research into the creatures, we’ll be sure to learn more about what they can provide for us.

That’s all for this week’s Q&A on the ARK Digest! If you’ve got anything you want to ask for next week, be sure to check the thread which will be posted later on!


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