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The ARK Digest – Page 1

Hello survivors!

Welcome to the first edition of the ARK Digest! This will be a weekly announcement series that will be posted every Wednesday across all social hubs. It will include descriptions of some of the new features added to the game during development, why we may have added them, providing answers to questions you’ve asked, as well as any other piece of information we would like to share.

Now let’s get down to business… 🙂

New Features!

Field of View Slider aka FOV Slider

Yesterday a FOV slider was introduced to ARK as a setting option. This is used to indicate how much you can see in a first person setting. To put it simply, the higher the FOV the more of your surroundings you’ll be able to see. Our slider will scale from 80 to 110.

There was a lot of enthusiasm shown in various places regarding an FOV slider, this was primarily demonstrated on the Stream discussion boards and live in twitch chat! During Jesse’s one on one interview with twitch-streamer Lirik! You can check that out below. Worth a watch if you’ve yet to see it!

The passion displayed really showed that this was an important feature to have and we want to make sure we follow through with what we can to our Community’s wants and needs. Thanks again for being so passionate, it really does make an impact on the game. <3 lirikH Official PvE Servers Survivors by the dozen mounted with Dinosaurs and took to the Steam forums to rally against the developers and their decision not to have Official PvE servers. Fearing for their lives, the Developers have yielded and decided that there will be Official PvE Servers come Early Access! In all seriousness though, that topic was great! Soooo many of you showed up and voiced your opinions and concerns, you didn’t put down having PvP servers, you didn’t put down our initial stance, you explained why you want PvE servers and how happy it would make you – which is something that we wouldn’t to deny, so you guys will have it! There shall be PvE servers, as well as PvPvE servers for launch! Everyone will get to play where they want and how they want! Whoop whoop. し(*・∀・)/♡\(・∀・*)ノ

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