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Taming Time, Food, & Narcotics

As I haven’t tamed everything myself, this list is incomplete. I hope the gut of this information is able to assist you in taming your favorite Dino!

CreatureFavorite FoodNarcoticsTime to Tame
AnkylosaurusMejoberry~1002 Hours
ArgentavisPrime Meat, Raw Meat~401.5-2 Hours
BrontosaurusMejoberry~2003-4 Hours
Carbonemys Mejoberry~401.5 Hours
CarnotaurusPrime Meat, Raw Meat~1501.5-2 Hours
DilophosaurPrime Meat, Raw Meat~310 Minutes
DodoAmarberry15 Minutes
MammothMejoberry~2002.5-3 Hours
MegalodonPrime Meat, Raw Meat~401.5-2 Hours
Parasaur Mejoberry~1530-60 Minutes
Phiomia Mejoberry~1030 minutes
PteranodonPrime Meat, Raw Meat~401-2 Hours
PumonoscorpiusSpoiled Meat~1530 Minutes to 1 Hour
RaptorPrime Meat, Raw Meat~3030-60 Minutes
SabertoothPrime Meat, Raw Meat~40~1.5 Hours
SarcosuchusPrime Meat, Raw Meat~2001.5-2 Hours
SpinosaurPrime Meat, Raw meat~4004-6 Hours
StegosaurusAzulberry, Mejoberry~1002-3 Hours
TriceratopsMejoberry~502 Hours
Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex)Prime Meat, Raw meat~1003-4 Hours


As always, please comment below to correct, add, or remove information that may need to be corrected.

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