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Quick Starter Guide


Stones – Start by gathering stones. These can be found mostly on the beach and can be picked up using “E” (default use button). Make sure to have nothing in your hand to pick it up.

Wood/Thatch – Punch trees! Punching will drain your health slightly so keep an eye on it. This will get you mostly thatch, but eventually get you some wood. Keep at it until you finally do get wood though.

Berries – Find bushes and gather berries from them in the same fashion you used picking up stones off the beach. This will yield you berries and fiber. You can eat the berries for a small food/water boost, but they are not a sufficient form of food. Also, don’t eat Narco berries for 2 reasons: They increase your Torpor and and will eventually knock you out, and they are also used to keep dinos unconscious well taming them. You should save as many of these as possible.


Once you have enough wood and stone you can now craft a pick by pressing “I” (Inventory) selecting the crafting tab (pressing “V” will bring you straight to the crafting screen). Click on the pick blueprint, you will then notice that it shows what materials (Mats) are required to craft that specific item. (If the icon is white you have the required mats, if the item is red hover over the item to see what is still required to craft it.

Now that you have a pick your gathering days just got much easier. Smack some trees and rocks until you level up!!! You gain experience pretty much doing anything in the game, so stay proactive and your well on your way to surviving.

Now that you have leveled up, you get one point to spend on your stats (health, movement, melee damage etc.) And a few Engram Points (EP). Engrams = blueprints. Once learned you can permanently craft that item from this point on, but for now get the stone hatchet and pickaxe engram. As for stats I would focus on health and one or two points into fortitude, this will allow you to survive longer in fights with people or dino’s and usually win that fight. Health is straight forward, it increases your (HP) so that you can take more. Fortitude increases your resistance to the elements and other effects like spitting dinos that impair your vision; over all it makes you tougher and less likely to be knocked out!

Craft Tools

Hatchet = More wood from trees , stone from rocks and hide from dino’s

Pick = More thatch from trees, flint from rocks and meat from dino’s


Now that you have the basics of gathering and crafting, it’s time to hunt some dino’s! Feel free to learn the spear engram for this will help with killing them faster. Start by hunting dodos (found on the beach) or Coelacanths (found in water) Both of these are a great source of meat early on which will require the campfire to cook, so go ahead and learn this engram as well. Once you’ve crafted a campfire go ahead and put some thatch (burns quick) or wood (burns slow) and your meat into the campfire and light it up. After a few moments you will now have cooked meat and be well on your way to bigger and better things!!!

As a side note, it’s recommended to stay near the coast in the beginning. If you go deeper inland, you will find yourself encountering all sorts of nasty new carnivores!

I hope this helps and feel free to check out this quick guide to taming and post your thoughts in the comments so we as a community can better help each other make the game more enjoyable for everyone!

That’s it for now, Have fun guys!


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