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Quick Guide to Taming

While taming a dino, knock it unconscious and let it regain consciousness, then knock it out again. This will exhaust its food so when you start to feed your dino the taming bar will go up faster. Furthermore, allowing their food to exhaust prior to feeding will cause the first stack of food provided to go directly to the taming bar and speed up the taming process.

Use Narco berries/Narcotics increases an unconscious dino’s Topor. (Topor: how long the dino remains unconscious) The higher the Topor the longer it will stay unconscious and the better chance you will have at taming your dino.

(Narco berries = 7 Topor. Narcotics = 24 Topor)

REMEMBER!!! Keep your dino unconscious by using Narco berries/Narcotics by dragging them into the dinos inventory, highlight the icon and force feed them to your dino with the “use remote item” tab. Keeping your dino sleeping is key to taming your dino. If it wakes up you will have to start the taming process all over again or lose all your stuff because you look like a tasty meal.

What to feed your unconscious dino:

Carnivore = Meat – Carnivores hate cooked meat, so be sure to give your dino raw meat when taming them. Sidenote: They prefer “primal meat” over normal meat.

Herbivores = Berries – There are too many Herbivores to track what eats what. Your best bet is to starve it and then feed it different berries to see what works best. This has been the method of some of the top players on our server and it seems to be working well for them. (I will start compiling a list of what eats what as I go, so keep checking back for updates on “Ph0rx’s Dino Diet’s”)

So far there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to what works best for each dino, so using the method above to find out what your dino likes to eat and then keeping the unconscious bar as high as possible seems to be the most effective way of taming your new dino.

Remember, to ride your dino you will have to reach high enough level to spend the engram points on the saddle of the particular type of dino you wish to tame. Air drops also drop saddles as well.

That’s it for now and I hope this helps those looking to tame their very first dino!


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