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Jurassic ARK Week!

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Thanks @SgtStebe for the photo <3

Hold onto your butts

Hello Survivors!

We hope you’ve all been having a great time playing ARK! We’ve loved all the pictures, the tweets, the videos, everything! The feedback especially, positive and the negative, is tremendously helpful for us to improve the game and take it to the next stage! Now we’ve got a fun ARK-wide special event to announce: with the upcoming release of the latest movie from our favourite franchise, Jurassic World, we will be hosting a week full of fun events and content as a thank you for all the support you’ve shown!

-Clears Throat and does best John Hammond Impression-
Welcome to… Jurassic ARK!

Screenshot Contest

Firstly, we’ll be kicking off the show with a screenshot contest! Each day from Tuesday until Sunday we will be selecting at least one winner every day who has taken a screenshot which matches our criteria the best!


Every day will have a different theme and we’re hoping we’ll get to see a ton of snazzy shots from all and every brave Survivor, we’ll compile the runner-ups along with the winner into a post and tweet the winner. Each daily winner will each receive a $100 Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for you to go with your friends and family to watch the new film! Submissions should be sent to [email protected], and received by 4pm EST each day. The winners will be announced at 5pm EST via twitter and your giftcard will be e-mailed to you.

Here are the themes for the coming days :)!

Tuesday Day 1: Coolest Human-Dino pair


Thanks to @TheXiexe for the photo 🙂

You know how they say that a person’s pet represents who they are? Well we want to see the most appropriate human-dino-prehistoric-scifi-creature-pairing ever! Send us your screenshots of you and your soul-mate Dino!

Wednesday Day 2: Coolest Base


And not as in temperature! We want to see your grand fortresses, your hidden mountaintop bases, your tiki jungle villages, your shark-infested ocean-hideouts. Anything that you guys think would be awesome and unique, send it our way and we’d love to see it 🙂 Bonus points for custom paint jobs!

Thursday Day 3: Coolest Tribe


Thanks to @Gerofied for the picture 🙂

Gather your friends and family and take the most epic group screenshot you can! This could be at feast, after a hunt, or during the construction of the coolest base. We want to see a great group shot that shows the world just how amazingly distinct your Tribe is!

Friday Day 4: Epic Environment


There are a lot of beautiful spots across the ARK, many of which remain undiscovered by any player, as far as we have seen. Go out, explore, uncover the beauty that is the island and send us those magnificent environmental screenshots (which can also include you & your pals); a beautiful sunrise over the mountains, an epic sunset across an ocean, a lazy afternoon as a Parasaur herd crosses a grassy field, whatever inspires you about the world of ARK. It’s about time we changed our Windows wallpapers 🙂

Saturday Day 5: Official Server Broodmother Trophy Shot


Have you got what it takes to slay the Broodmother? Do so on an Official server, take a screenshot of the brave warriors who took part alongside the carcass of the beast! (Please also include a screenshot of the Pause Menu so that we have proof it took place on an Official Server 🙂

Sunday Day 6: Gotta Tame em all! Dino-saur!


Thanks to @Netrosis for the picture 🙂

Do you have what it takes to the very best?! Like no ever was?!!! To tame them is your real test, to mount them is your cause!!!!!!!! You should travel across the ARK, searching far and wide. Each creature to understand, the mystery that’s inside!!!!!!!. Dino-Saur, Gotta tame em all! — We want to see EVERY TAMABLE CREATURE IN ARK, TAMED (& Saddled where appropriate), ON AN OFFICIAL PVP SERVER, TOGETHER. DO IT. MAKE IT AS EPIC AS YOU CAN. USE PAINTS, LIGHTS, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Bonus: Jurassic ARK gifs!

Everyone loves memes. If you say you don’t, you’re kidding yourself. It’s okay, we don’t judge ;). We’re in love with them ourselves

The winners will be announced each day at 5PM EST. To submit your choices please send us an email at [email protected] – please quote the following in your subject message: Jurassic ARK Contest! DAY #

Replace the # with the day number! :p or if it’s the bonus just replace DAY # with BONUS! Can’t wait to see all your lovely submissions. Please remember we’ll be announcing the winner EACH DAY at 5PM EST, with the cutoff at 4PM EST that day!! Set your alarms!

And that’s not all folks, I hope you’re still holding onto your butts!!!!


This Friday we will have a mammoth-sized content update including: New Items, New Creatures, & New Features! (& more optimization). You guys will have tons to look forward to and it won’t stop there! We’ll be releasing more details on the new stuff you can expect to find and experience in the run-up to our favorite movie, which we hope you’ll all see with us on Friday!

Thanks everyone! Hope you’ve had fun playing and putting up with us and our intense patch schedule

All the best,
Your Community Manager Jat & The ARK Team


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