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Jurassic ARK – Day Two: The Jurassic was a time of huge insects.


Welcome to Jurassic ARK!

Hello hello!

It’s time for our favorite part of the day! Announcing the winners for the Jurassic ARK contests. Similarly to Day One, we received loads of great and very different entries for today’s theme. It’s an absolute pleasure seeing what you guys create in our world and we cannot wait to see how these bases will grow in the future :)!

As a reminder, each winner will receive a Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for you to go with your friends and family to watch the new film! So let’s get down to the contest! Just as a recap, this is what today’s contest was for!

Coolest Base


We wanted to see your grand fortresses, your hidden mountaintop bases, your tiki jungle villages, your shark-infested ocean-hideouts. Anything that you guys think would be awesome and unique, send it our way and we’d love to see it 🙂 Bonus points for custom paint jobs!
Just like yesterday, we had a bundle of great entries but these are the bases which we found the coolest!

First Place

1433976019_1st PLACE

Congratulations to Sam Lawrence! Not only is he a master when it comes to creating a base, but it turns out he’s ARK’s first real estate manager! He’s putting up cabin for sale so definitely get in touch if you’re interested! We quote from his listing:

Here we have a nice secluded two bedroom, one and half bath log cabin home situated on top of a structurally sound waterfall. Amenities couldn’t be easier find at this prime location! With water under your feet, it’s easy to cool off and take a dip, or fill up your waterskin in supreme comfort. Be sure to try out the three story diving board if you’re an adrenaline junkie! Safety first kids!

You’ll find easy fishing up stream and Phiomia as far as the eye can see! As the day ends and you head to repair your tools and cook your meat steaks, you will be welcomed by an amazing sunset over the ocean below. Carnivores will stay away at night as the rocks and tree lines prove difficult for them to traverse. We think you’ll love this “edgy” log cabin retreat. With its stunning waterfall, immaculate views, and with easily accessible food, how could you say no?


He’s willing to negotiate and has set the bar at;

1,000,000 Narcoberries or
5 Raptors Tamed or
1 T- Rex Tamed


Now that’s a bit steep for us, though we love diving board! So how could we resist?! Do you accept payments in the form of a 100$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard instead? 😉

Second Place

1433976018_2ND PLACE

Congratulations to Austin Mitchell! Survivors have a lot of things to worry about when they enter cave, from the poisonous spiders, the tranquilizing scorpions, the behemoth cave-dwelling snakes, and the ever-screeching bats… however this is a cave which holds much more than darkness. A cave where survivors have forgone the beauty of the landscape, entering the ARK’s dark abyss, either they’ve lost their minds… or know something that we do not.

A 50$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard is a small price to pay for the brave survivors who dare live within this dangerous chasm.

Third Place

1433976021_3rd PLACE OFF
1433976657_3rd PLACE ON

Congratulations to Etienne La Count! Clearly a survivor who spares no expense for the best. A base crafted out of the purest of metals, making use of advanced technology, we wonder how expensive their utility bills are for this electrified, watered condominium?

Scientists of the ARK have awarded Etienne with a 25$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for their advanced knowledge in creating a modern home in a pre-historic world.

Honourable Mentions

We’ve had a lot of great pictures for this contest! It was incredibly difficult to choose our top three, so we ended up with two honourable mentions! Both Jonah Hollis and BruteForce OAP have both won a $25 Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for their submissions

Jonah Hollis

1433976022_Jonah Hollis

What looks to be an entrance to a massive pre-historic night-zoo, hosting creatures from all across the ARK. If only he had sent in some Focal Chili so we could see better in the dark!

BruteForce OAP

1433976023_BruteForce OAP

With all those Carnotaurs and Sabertooth, BruceForce definitely has the right idea, making use of all those electric wires to keep his pets from causing any trouble. Especially considering his recent paint job, he wouldn’t want to make a mess if they were to run loose!

Thank you all for your entries today! Looking forward to what we’ve got on show tomorrow :)!
Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the winners for the: Coolest Tribe


Gather your friends and family and take the most epic group screenshot you can! This could be at feast, after a hunt, or during the construction of the coolest base. We want to see a great group shot that shows the world just how amazingly distinct your Tribe is!
Can’t wait to see what you guys have to share!

Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, this one is everybody’s favorite giant-dragonfly, the Meganeura!


Friday’s Jurassic ARK Content Update!

Here are some of the fancy new gameplay features you can expect to dig into with Friday’s major update:

Tribe Governance features: do you want to be full utopian Communist where everything is shared, rapacious Capitalists with absolute private property, or something in between? Now Tribe founders can choose!

New Structures: The Metallic Spike Blockade for stopping incoming Dinosaur attacks, and the Food Storage Bin for preserving your food over extended periods of time and turning beef into jerky… mmmm beef jerky!

Flyers can now carry other dinosaurs, not just humans. C4-Packing Dodo Air Drop anyone?

And yes, significant performance enhancements, especially for those with mid-range to lower-end graphics processors 🙂
More details tomorrow on some new loot you’ll be able to find, if you’re up to the challenge!

Have a great night guys, see you on the ARK!

All the best,
Your Community Manager Jat & The ARK Survival Evolved Team!

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