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Jurassic ARK – Day Three

Jurassic ARK – Day Three: Clever Girl

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Welcome to Jurassic ARK!

Hello Survivors!

It’s time for our favorite part of the day again, whoo! Announcing the winners for the Jurassic ARK screenshot competition! Another day full of fabulous entries from loads of different tribes, there are some definitely creative, and some hilarious minds in the community 😉

As a reminder, the competition runs through the entire week and each day we’ll be select some winners who will get their hands on a Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard! You can use this to go watch our new favorite movie with your family and friends!

Just as a recap, today’s competition was for:

Coolest Tribe


Gather your friends and family and take the most epic group screenshot you can! This could be at feast, after a hunt, or during the construction of the coolest base. We want to see a great group shot that shows the world just how amazingly distinct your Tribe is!

We had loads of entries from tribes of various sizes, these were our favourites:

First Place

1434081302_Coolest Tribe 1st

Luke van Gorp takes first place with an epic screenshot from his tribe CLAN AOD! Must respect goes to them as they gather together when the fog set in. Abandoning a Stegosaurus that was in the process of being domesticated for this epic screenshot. Here they are decked out proudly in their tribe’s colors, black and red! They’ve tamed a large variety of beasts and have made camp in the hidden valley.

Thanks for the fantastic photo guys! Really happy to see a tribe that large with so many dinosaurs! I hope some of you will be seeing the film together as you’ve won a 100$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard!

Second Place

1434081307_Coolest Tribe 2

Nata Karinka takes second place with this troublesome trio! Here you see them pictured next to their two large tribe-houses, saddled up to begin their next adventure. What a view aswell! Great shot guys! Isn’t it magical to see 3-different types of creatures, working together? Who would have thought a Triceratops could end up working alongside a Parasaur and Raptor! Clever thinking from this tribe to get all their bases covered. Speed, Strength and Utility!

Great photo! Hopefully you guys will be able to see the film together as you’ve just won a 50$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard!

Third Place

1434081308_Coolest Tribe 3

Wow, Ferocious! and I’m not talking about the T-Rex, Big Daddy. Johnathan Lessard’s crew Qc Gold send us a photo of their first T-Rex tame! Their leader is pictured bare-chested, he’s either insane or one helluva fighter!
Unfortunately, since this photo was taken Big Daddy has lost his life in a courageous battle. Everyone at Studio Wildcard expresses their deepest sympathy and condolences. In difficult times this, we hope you take our 25$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard and support all Dinosaur-kind in whatever endeavours they take part in. We’ll never forget Big Daddy. :’(

Honourable Mentions

We’ve had another day of great pictures, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow. We’ve held ourselves from having a sneak-peak at what’s in store for us so it’s going to be very exciting going through the emails! Here are some of the survivors who didn’t place, but deserve an honourable mention for their screenshots! Both Jack Adams and Julio Hinkson Jr have both won a $25 Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for their submissions.

Jack Adams

1434077274_Honorable 1

Professor X-Rated and The Midnight Ride are pictured here as the dynamic duo, experiencing the ARK as a pair. Together they’ve work alongside one another to ensure their and their pets survival in what is seen as a daunting and dangerous place, even for large numbers.

Julio Hinkson Jr


It’s another dynamic-duo! But this time they’re a pair of scientists. An island filled Dinosaurs and odd Science-fiction-like objects needs some scientists, perhaps they can figure out why you guys are here and what’s going on! Good luck to you guys with your journey on the island and thanks for a great screenshot!

Thanks for all the entries guys and congratulations once again to our winners! Tomorrow’s competition will be for: Epic Environment


There are a lot of beautiful spots across the ARK, many of which remain undiscovered by any player, as far as we have seen. Go out, explore, uncover the beauty that is the island and send us those magnificent screenshots.

Jurassic Park Content Update

Limited Edition Jurassic ARK cosmetic items!

With the upcoming release of Jurassic World, some love needs to be shown to the franchise that showed the world how magical dinosaurs can be. To thank them and all the fans involved, we’re going to be releasing two special limited edition cosmetic headgears! You’ll be able to find them spread around the ARK in the stomachs of predators. The Dilophosaurus have been seen sporting what looks to be a pair of broken glasses… possibly taken from a nerdry survivor. Also the ferocious, Tyrannosaurus Rex has been seen carrying what looks to be like the remnants of a baby T-Rex? Possibly mistaking it for its young, it would be tough to try and get one of those… well… good luck!

Here’s a little sneak peak 😉


Also for those eagle-eyed players watching our Steam page, you may have noticed that ARK now has Steam workshop support for maps and mods (including our very own example map!), and the ARK Dev Tools to create and upload them are released, details can be found here: http://www.playark.com/workshop. While we still consider this feature experimental, we encourage all intrepid creative types to show us what they can create by downloading the (30GB!) of ARK Dev Tools, and putting some custom content onto the Workshop! Stay tuned for some HUGE announcements regarding ARK modding in the coming week! We recommend you get a head start with the tools now 😉

Thanks again guys — looking forward to seeing the epic screenshots! Go see Jurassic World tomorrow and get inspired for the Epic Environment contest tomorrow!

Take it easy everyone,
Your Community Manager Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team!


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