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Jurassic ARK – Day Five


Cathy, darling, lunch is ready!

Welcome to Jurassic ARK!

Hello Survivors!

It’s time for our favorite part of the day again, whoo! Announcing the winners for the Jurassic ARK screenshot competition! Today’s competition was to showcase your group taking out the Broodmother on an Official PvP server! We weren’t really sure how many survivors would be able to complete this, and by deadline the results are in!

The Winners!

To have successfully participated in this competition, survivors would have needed to explore the ARK in search for the special hidden artifacts, as well as collect the difficult and necessary ingredients to spawn the Broodmother!

We did not actually know whether anyone would be able to achieve this by the deadline, but were hoping that there would be some entries. The rules stipulated that we would only accept winners who had completed the summoning on an Official PvP server to ensure that there was no foul play and a certain level of difficulty and risk was involved.

By the 4PM EST deadline we had received two entries, both from the same tribe! @SeriousGaming, lead by the famous Twitch power couple Alan and Vic, carried out the quest in collecting all the necessary ingredients, as well as exploring the deepest and darkest caves to gather all the mysterious artifacts, and then successfully summoned, plus defeated the Broodmother.

1434244959_Broodmother 3
1434244957_Broodmother 1
1434244958_Broodmother 2

So congratulations to everyone in the tribe Serious Gaming! We’ve been keeping up with your antics throughout the early access launch and it has really led to some interesting moments, providing both highs and lows. Both Alan Savicki and Christopher Jordan have won a 100$ Jurassic World Fandango E-Giftcard for providing evidence of defeating the Broodmother! Congratulations guys and a very good job! Hope you enjoy the film! Now you can get that popcorn you’ve always wanted Alan! Looking forward to see what else you’ll achieve in the ARK universe.

As for tomorrow’s competition, it’s going to be the hardest one to date! Looking forward to the entries, here’s a reminder of what you’ll need to do: Gotta Tame em all! Dino-saur!


Do you have what it takes to the very best?! Like no ever was?!!! To tame them is your real test, to mount them is your cause!!!!!!!! You should travel across the ARK, searching far and wide. Each creature to understand, the mystery that’s inside!!!!!!!. Dino-Saur, Gotta tame em all! — We want to see EVERY TAMABLE CREATURE IN ARK, TAMED (& Saddled where appropriate), ON AN OFFICIAL PVP SERVER, TOGETHER. DO IT. MAKE IT AS EPIC AS YOU CAN. USE PAINTS, LIGHTS, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Good luck! Can’t wait to see the entries

Jurassic ARK Content Update

Yesterday we launched the Jurassic ARK Content update Build v173.0. It didn’t take long for the Spinosaurus to be tamed, we were seriously impressed and it also highlighted some balance concerns with the strength of the Dinosaur!

Earlier today we ended up releasing a new build, v174.0. This is a new build which contains the original Jurassic ARK Content patch, as well as many more bug fixes and balance changes! Please make sure you read the patch notes to stay up to date with what’s changed and remember to provide your feedback on the steam discussion boards!

Thank you for all the support everyone, it’s been a really fun week and remember, tomorrow is the last day we’re accepting screenshots for the Jurassic ARK Contests! It’ll most likely be the toughest event yet so who knows what we’ll see, if someone does manage to tame every dinosaur on a PvP server, including the newly introduced Spinosaurus, that will be incredibly impressive!

Drake went ahead and spoiled one of the tons of upcoming creatures, so here’s a sneak peak at the Compsognathus AKA “Compy”!


Cute little thing isn’t it!

All the best,

Your Community Manager Jat and the ARK Survival Evolved Team

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