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How to Connect to an ARK Server

Hello, Folks! After spending time on our TeamSpeak I realized it can be a bit difficult to connect to a specific ARK Server. But no worries! I’ve got some tips for you survivors!

First and foremost, I’d assume you are here because you’ve checked the server list in game that ARK has graciously provided you with. But to no avail, you did not find your desired server. Thus, you are here. Welcome.

The second way to do so is by obtaining a server IP and navigating to it through your internet browser. For Example:

  1. Make sure your ARK: Survival Evolved game is NOT running. Exit the game!
  2. Copy and paste this link into Google Chrome, FireFox, Internet Explorer, etc..
    • steam://connect/
  3. This should launch the game!

Some of you might run into an issue where it this link takes you to an internet search instead of launching the game. No worries! Simply paste the URL in the bar and wait for a drop down to appear. Select the SECOND option (the one that doesn’t say Google Search/Search) and you’re as good as gold.

Now if you’re still unable to connect with your friends in ARK, we’ve got one last trick up our sleeve. And this is is SUPER easy! It doesn’t matter if your game is running or not. If you have a friend already in the server you’d like to join, click on the drop down arrow next to their name on your friends list and select “Join Game”. This will open the Golden Gates to let you in to the correct server.

But what if you have no friends? Then the best route would be to join a steam group like ours, and send friend requests to users who are currently playing. Chances are, they are already on the server! You can join them!

I hope this was helpful for you all. And if you have any other ways to connect, comment below and I’ll add it to this article. Thanks so much for reading!

Best Regards,



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