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Day One! Early Access & More!

1433283878_Welcome Home

Early Access

Welcome home indeed!

First of all we’d like to thank you for being patient over the past few hours! We had to delay the launch just by a little bit to help ensure that when you guys do get in, it will be as smoothly as possible. Hiccups may occur as we roll-out ARK, but we’ll do our best to avoid them and will quickly rectify them!

So without further ado, we would like to extend our warmest welcomes to ARK: Survival Evolved’s Early Access!

Over the course of Early Access we will be shipping multiple updates a week. You can expect to see very rapid iteration and progress being made at a consistent rate. Working together we will be able to build something spectacular. Something that’s going to set the bar for future survival games, and dinosaur games! It’s going to be one hell of a ride! There will be a lot of polishing, content creation, and optimization going on throughout the entire process and in 2016 we’ll all have something truly amazing to show for it. We’re very eager to get going, and hopefully you are too!

Founding Survivors!

We’ve got a super cool surprise for all our Founding Survivors!

1433283879_Parasaur Saddle

The Early Access Limited Edition “Founding Survivor” Parasaur Saddle Skin will be gifted to all survivors who pick up an Early Access copy of ARK: Survival Evolved within the first two weeks. You’ll be granted one on every ARK that you join! Just a little thank you from the team for considering and supporting us in this Early Access phase… and there may be a little something extra too, be sure to check your in-game Inventory 🙂

…though that’s not all to get hyped about 😉

Dino Dossier

A new Dino Dossier has been revealed, and this one is out of this world! Introducing the eight-legged arachnid queen, the Broodmother!


Scary right? Best of luck to any survivors who manage to bring together the required tribute to summon her!

Closing words

That’ll be all for this announcement guys! Be sure to check our some of the earlier ones we posted in case you’ve missed anything juicy ;). Looking forward to seeing everyone on the ARK over the next year! We’ll have a great time I’m sure! Thanks for reading and thank you for being so patient! We’ll have more news later in the day as Early Access rolls out, including information about hosting your own servers, how to keep them up-to-date, along with content and features we plan to roll-out in the next day!

Yours Truly,
Your Community Manager Jat & ARK: Survival Evolved Team

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