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Community Crunch

Greeting Survivors!

Welcome to the first edition of Community Crunch! This will hopefully become a weekly segment of content to share made by the community, for the community! As well as any little changes I want to make survivors aware about, which happen within our community ;).


First things first, I’m pleased to announce that work has finally begun on the /r/playark subreddit! Sorry about the major delay, we’ve been busy at all fronts here and I’d like to give a shout-out to /u/amitkilo and /u/RT-Pickred for pretty much setting it up, much love <3 You can check it out here with its own announcement to get things going!

This will just act as another platform for discussion however we’ll still have all our announcements and develop activity here on steam, though I’ll be over there too much like how I am on Facebook and Twitter! Steam is our priority and we plan to make us of all its fantastic features, but I’ll be dabbling and speaking to as many people as I can across other various channels.

Steam Forums!

There’s been a lot of active and healthy discussion so far about the game and we’re all super chuffed! We hope you guys continue to provide your feedback, share your plans with the game and just keep on truckin’.

I’m going to start organising the forum and creating some new categories to help keep things a bit cleaner :). We’ll be sticking to a General Discussion section, this will just be talking about ARK, asking about features, suggestions if you’d like. The other sections you’ll have available to you are Tribes, Community Content and Off Topic.

We’re a big advocate of what you guys create and what you want to share, it definitely deserves its own section to prevent it from getting buried and easy access! As for tribes – a huge part of the game and something you’ve already begun setting up, hopefully the section will help new users find a tribe to play with, as well assist pre-established ones in furthering themselves. Last but not least, off-topic will just be a place for you guys to do basic interactions with one another, such as introducing yourself. We aren’t going to be dictators with super-strict rules, all we ask is you respect one another, keep the extremely Not Safe For Work or Not Safe For Life materials out of here and the spam to a minimum.

Once we hit Early Access, I’ll be doing a bit of a revision and changing some things up – but that doesn’t matter right now 🙂

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