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Community Crunch #164: Extinction Tra...

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!  Extinction Transfers Opening Tuesday! We will be opening server transfers on our official servers into Extinction on January 15th, which is tomorrow! This will be on all applicable platforms. Server deployments will begin at 10am PST starting with PC and concluding with Xbox at approximately […]

Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Re...

Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Rework Beta! It is finally here! This is the first time we’ve done a public beta branch for ARK, so here is a lengthy but necessary introduction. As a quick starting note: Before accessing a beta branch you should create a backup of any single player games, characters, or server […]

Community Crunch #163: Structures Plu...

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!  Structures Plus (S+) & Kibble Rework! We’re starting off 2019 strong! The promised public beta including S+ and Kibble changes will be available by the end of this week for PC players to play with. When we’re ready to share the build we’ll give […]

Community Crunch #162: Happy New Year...

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the first (and also short) edition of the Community Crunch for 2019!  2018 in Review! Happy New Year, Survivors! Thank you all for making us a part of your 2018. It has truly been an insane year for us. As always we are humbled by your support of all things ARK and […]

Happy Holidays, Survivors!

Raptor Claus and Studio Wildcard would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays this season! Thank you for making us a part of your festive time this year!

Community Crunch #160: Future of ARK ...

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!  Future of ARK! Given the ATLAS announcement, I wanted to stop by and share some additional insight into where we’re at and where we’re headed with ARK over the next few months! The ARK team is as big as it’s ever been. It’s made up […]

A message from Studio Wildcard

Ahoy Survivors, Jeremy and Jesse here! You might have noticed the announcement today of a new MMO game called ATLAS developed by a sister team of Studio Wildcard, named Grapeshot Games. Jesse and Jeremy together are now leading the development of ATLAS at Grapeshot, while continuing to creatively supervise the direction of ARK. Grapeshot itself […]

What’s Next: Structures Plus &#...

Happy Tuesday, Survivors! It’s PC patch day and we’ve got two exciting things to chat about that we are currently working on. Structures Plus: Now that Extinction has been officially released, the team will be dedicating some time to the integration of Structures Plus. Pulling S+ into ARK’s already existing structure system without causing issues with […]

Community Crunch #159: Winter Wonderl...

Hey Survivors! Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Crunch!  Winter Wonderland Is Returning! Have you been Naughty or Nice this year? I’ve heard whispers from the elves and reindeer that a certain Mr. Claws may be dropping gifts for all of the good survivors this holiday season, and coal for the naughty ones too.  We’ll have more information on […]

ARK: Survival Evolved now on Nintendo...

All gameplay footage for this trailer and screenshots below were captured using the Nintendo Switch. ARK: Survival Evolved is launching worldwide for Nintendo Switch™ today! Everyone here at Studio Wildcard is beyond excited to be officially welcoming Switch survivors to the tribe! Get ready to tame dinosaurs, conquer enemies and create enormous structures anywhere – on the couch, in bed, […]


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