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Administrative Commands for the Administrative Player


To Whitelist an Admin on a Rented Server:

(Whitelisting allows you to use admin commands without logging in through console)

1) Create a file called AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt in the directory \ShooterGame\Saved\

2) In the AllowedCheaterSteamIDs.txt file, list the STEAM64 IDs you wish to have access to admin commands. STEAM64 ID looks like this: 7656119xxxxxxxxxx

To Give Admin Access to a Player on a Non-Dedicated Server:

1) Select Host\Local

2) Select “HOST DEDICATED SERVER” (note: you DO NOT want to load your non-dedicated just yet.)

3) Invite the people you want to have admin command access.

4) Use the on-screen options to admin the players. Basically, click the player you want and then click the “add admin” button, you will see their name transfer to the administrator section.

5) Ask friends to exit to main menu

6) Host your local, non-dedicated server.

7) Your friends once logged in, can use “admincheat <command>“.

If you aren’t already in the command console, press TAB to open it up.

Remember to use EnableCheats <password> before using the commands below.


Admin Commands

AdminCheat AddExperience 1000 0 0 1Gives yourself 1000 XP
-AddExperience (value for first number) (toggle option in relation to tribe) (Second toggle) (third toggle) so in total there should be 4 separate numbers.
AdminCheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Whitelists a player
AdminCheat BanPlayer Bans user from server
AdminCheat Broadcast Broadcasts a message to the whole server.
AdminCheat DamageTarget Damages a creature you are looking at for a set amount
AdminCheat DestroyAll Destroys all Objects/Dinos of a classname
AdminCheat DestroyAllEnemiesDestroys all enemies. They respawn after a while.
AdminCheat DestroyWildDinosKills all wild dinos (Used for re-population)
AdminCheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Removes player from whitelist
AdminCheat DoTameTames instantly, gives dossier entry but requires a saddle.
AdminCheat EnableSpectatorKills your character and puts you into spectator mode
AdminCheat EnemyInvisible True/FalseMakes all creatures ignore you even if you attack them
AdminCheat ExecSetSleeping True/FalsePuts character to sleep/wakes them up
AdminCheat FlyAble to Fly
AdminCheat ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe Allows the player to join the targeted tribe using the 9 digit player ID in the ShowMyAdminManager list
AdminCheat ForcePlayerToJoinTribe Allows the player to instantly join the tribe using the 9 digit ID.
AdminCheat ForceTameInstantly tames a Dino. Can ride without saddle.
AdminCheat GhostNoclip, walk through walls/objects.
AdminCheat GiveEngramsunlocks all crafting recipes for your character -* Bugged - You can't craft these recipes
AdminCheat GiveEXPToPlayer 0 0 0Gives EXP to a certain player using the follow layout: using ShowMyAdminManager info.
AdminCheat GiveItemNum Gives you an item.
AdminCheat GiveResourcesGives you 50 of all resources
AdminCheat GodUnkillable, except you can drown.
AdminCheat HurtMe Deals damage to yourself
AdminCheat InfiniteStatsInfinite Hunger, Stamina, Ammo, etc..
AdminCheat KickPlayer Kicks a player with specified SteamID
AdminCheat KillPlayer Kills specified player using their 9 digit ID in ShowMyAdminManager
AdminCheat ListPlayersShows a list of players with their Steam ID
AdminCheat PlayersOnlyFreezes all Dinos at their current position. Also freezes crafting.
AdminCheat QuitExits the current world. Use after saving for a safe shutdown.
AdminCheat SaveWorldSaves current worldstate
AdminCheat ServerChatTo Sends a private message to certain SteamID
AdminCheat ServerChatToPlayer Sends a message to certain player
AdminCheat SetAdminIcon FalseToggles icons for Admins.
AdminCheat setbabyage Sets the age of your baby dinos.
AdminCheat SetMessageOfTheDay Sets the MOD
AdminCheat SetPlayerPos 0 0 0Allows you to teleport to coordinates.
AdminCheat SetTimeOfDay Changes time of day
AdminCheat Slomo <#>Changes server speed. Values are 1-5. 1 = Normal Speed
AdminCheat StopSpectatingEnds spectator mode
AdminCheat Summon Summons a dino at your location.
AdminCheat Summon Summons a dino using Dino list
AdminCheat TeleportTeleports you in the direction you are facing.
AdminCheat TeleportToPlayer Teleport to certain player using their in-game ID
AdminCheat UnBanPlayer Unbans user from server
AdminCheat WalkDeactivates Flying
RequestSpectator Allows login as spectator
SetCheatPlayer FalseDisables Cheat Menu
SetCheatPlayer TrueEnables Cheat Menu
ShowMyAdminManagerEnables admin UI
Stat FPSShows your FPS and latency, usable by anyone.
ToggleGunToggles visibility of current equipped item

Command Lines

ServerPVEDisables PVP
ServerHardCoreCharacter goes back to level 1 upon death
ServerCrosshairTurns on a Crosshair
ServerForceNoHUDDisables Floating Names
AltSaveDirectoryNameSaves Server Data to an Alternate Directory
GlobalVoiceChatEnables Global Voice Chat, everyone can hear everyone.
ProximityChatText chat only appears to players within close proximity
NoTributeDownloadsTurns off outside downloads of characters/dinos.
AllowThirdPersonPlayerEnables 3rd person
AlwaysNotifyPlayerLeftDisplays player departure message
DontAlwaysNotifyPlayerJoined Disables player join message
MapPlayerLocationShows your location on the map
DifficultyOffset=0Changes difficulty of server. 0= Normal, 1= x3 harder + more loot
PreventOfflinePvP=trueUse this to enable the offline raiding prevention option.
PreventOfflinePvPInterval=900That would be a 15 min wait before a tribe/players dinos/structures become invulnerable/inactive after they log off. (if Tribe, requires ALL Tribe members logged off!)
ShowFloatingDamageText=trueUse this to enable RPG-style popup text stat mode.
DisableImprintDinoBuff=trueUse this to disable the Dino Imprinting-Player Stat Bonus, if you don't like it (where whomever specifically imprinted on the Dino, and Raised it to have an Imprinting Quality, gets extra Damage/Resistance buff)
AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=trueUse this if you want ANYONE to be able to "take care" of a Baby Dino (cuddle etc), not just whomever Imprinted on it.
OverideStructurePlatformPrevention=trueUse this if you want Auto-Turrets to be buildable/working on those Dino saddle platforms 😉
EnableExtraStructurePreventionVolumes=trueUse this to completely disable building in specific resource-rich areas, in particular setup on TheIsland around the major mountains.

Color IDs

Creatures have up to 6 color-regions (numbered 0 to 5). In order to set the region r to the creature-color with the id c, look at the creature and execute the following:

setTargetDinoColor r c

7Light Green
8Light Grey
9Light Brown
10Light Orange
11Light Yellow
12Light Red
13Dark Grey
16Dark Green
17Dark Red
19Dino Light Red
20Dino Dark Red
21Dino Light Orange
22Dino Dark Orange
23Dino Light Yellow
24Dino Dark Yellow
25Dino Light Green
26Dino Medium Green
27Dino Dark Green
28Dino Light Blue
29Dino Dark Blue
30Dino Light Purple
31Dino Dark Purple
32Dino Light Brown
33Dino Medium Brown
34Dino Dark Brown
35Dino Darker Grey
36Dino Albino
40Wolf Fur
41Dark Wold Fur


You can also change your admin password and message of the day in this INI file:



SessionName=ARK #563569





ServerPassword: this is the p/w required to connect, if any

There you have it!  If you see any mistakes, missing commands, or have confirmed the use of these commands, please comment below and we’ll update this post as we receive new information.

Best Regards,


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ADMIN: i have a question for the coloring your dinos…. what is an example because it is unclear to me. can you give me an example to what to put using a sarco any color


Like it’s stated above, Creatures have up to 6 color-regions (numbered 0 to 5). In order to set the region r to the creature-color with the id c, look at the creature and execute the following:

setTargetDinoColor r c

For example, look at a sarco then type the following in console:

setTargetDinoColor 1 3

Value 1 is the region (body, head, under belly etc) and value 3 is the color, which if you look up the ID in the list, it’s color Green.


you dont always have to put the true … just put it then when you wan to disable it put it again

Robin Elzinga

ShowFloatingDamageText=true isn’t working for me


In the GameUserSettings.ini file add:



Hay how do you turn off ghost


Typing the command again should disable it.

AdminCheat Ghost


Sorry to bother, but is there a way to turn invisible? And I don’t mean from enemies. Thanks!


You can try the command below. However I am not 100% positive it will work the way you want it to. Let me know if it does.

AdminCheat hideriders true


Hey what are the numbers for baby age?
is there a cammand that summons the megalinia i think it was?


Numbers? You mean the command? Setting it to .1 will make it so the dino is at it’s youngest age. Anything above that will increase it.

AdminCheat setbabyage [number]

Megalania is not yet released so there isn’t a command for it.



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